Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

Please help me, I am at the end of my rope Sooz. My husband of 22 years is an abusive drunk. He will often find fault with me for the smallest of things I do, then physically, and mentally abuse me.

He has been in and out of rehabilitation now about 4 times, always with the same promise, “He will never touch a drop of alcohol again.” Each time, of course, he is good for a month or two, and then just slips back into his old pattern.

I realize I am the weak one Sooz, I should get out and leave this bastard behind. If the truth be told, I only have a high school education and have never been in the work force. We married young and I have been with him ever since. That is what scares me, and keeps me with him. He has always paid the bills, as he has a good job, and makes a lot of money.

I want to believe him when he says he will change, I just don’t see the want to change, however, in him.  If you can offer any solutions to this bad situation, I would greatly appreciate it.

Abuser’s Wife


Dear Abuser’s Wife:

While understanding your situation based on your letter, it would be MY recomendation to get the HELL outta there, and quickly. They have women shelters in your area who can give you help, and also provide counselling services that I would strongly recommend. I have sent you pamphlets with phone numbers of who to contact.

While some people DO change after rehabilitation, it appears that your husband does not yet WANT to change. I believe you would certainly be safer, and will also get a more mentally well balanced feeling once you decide to do this.

Abuse is an ongoing problem in our Country, and is also a very sad one. Many times, this pattern of abuse may have been learned from your husband’s childhood. Once this chain has developed, it is extremely difficult to break.

I sincerely hope you take my advice, as the NEXT time he flies off the handle, he may just KILL you. Good luck…





Sooz’s Diary–Adult Material–

It was a HOT one here in Phoenix, the desert sun beating down without mercy, and I was dressed accordingly. My pink thong accentuated my tight shorts, while my blouse, also pink and white with three buttons undone, screamed, “Take me, I’m yours.” I felt sexy, well, let’s be frank, I was horny. It had been two days since I’d last HAD sex, with a partner that is, and my crotch was searching like a GPS, tracking for new meat.

I was like a panther on the prowl, dressed to the nines and ready for the kill. Man, woman, it didn’t matter, all I needed was to GET LAID, and get laid NOW. My destination, my Jungle, the nearest Supermarket, there is more chance for a hookup here than they are in ten bars.

 Luckily, there was a fine young maiden shopping with NO idea of what she was doing. Obviously, she NEEDED my expertise. I didn’t notice a ring on her finger, although at THIS stage of my craving, it wouldn’t have mattered. I introduced myself as a fruit connoisseur, and I asked her if he would like some advice?

“Hi, I said, hot outside isn’t it?” She smiled and replied, “It sure is.” She must have been in her early thirties dressed in khaki shorts with a tube top shirt. She was VERY well put together. I would have guessed a 38B top, with a 34 inch waist and ass, just my type.

Once I explained the INS outs of successful fruit squeezing, we hit it off so I decided to ask her to my place for lunch. Normally, I would have waited before inviting her to lunch, but I got a feeling that she had taken more than just a casual interest in me. I invited, and she readily accepted, things were working as I had hoped they would.

My doorbell rang two hours later, there she was, a vision of loveliness. She had changed before coming over, and now wore a tight fitting and sheer dress; sheer enough to see that she was wearing a blue thong with a matching lace bra. God, she made me HOT.

I invited her in and asked if she would like a drink, “Yes,” she said as I poured a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. We talked for a while, got to know each other a little better, and then I served lunch. I had Beef Stroganoff, asparagus with cream sauce, and Cherries Jubilee for dessert.

After lunch, I gave her the tour of the house, kitchen, all the other rooms, then finally, I led her to my bedroom. I must admit, she was half drunk from all the wine that I had poured her but it didn’t matter to me.

I sat her on my bed, and she leaned in, and gave me the most sensual kiss I had ever felt. It was like butterfly kisses only on my lips. She pulled her dress down, exposing nothing but her bra and panties for me to remove at my pleasure. God, she was beautiful.

Kissing her was like a dream come true, the taste of wine on her lips, while smelling her perfume, Jasmine, I think, drove my senses CRAZY. Without even thinking, my hands reached behind her back and quickly unhooked the strap that was keeping me from her mounds of pleasure. I ever so gently touched them, feeling each and every curve, sending a message to my pussy that it was time to release the river of pleasure.

Without ever being aware, she had disrobed me, and was kissing my heaving tits as I writhed in heavens ecstasy. Slowly I kissed her soft body all the way down her stomach, until I rested on her shaved mound. Seeing her wide slit, my tongue couldn’t resist her wonderful smell of sex. I licked her up and down gently across her clit as be began crying out, Sooz, “FUCK ME…FUCK ME…OH GOD ,FUCK ME!!!!”

Around and around her sweet membrane I licked, she could stand it no more as I sent my tongue into her molten center of love, she screamed…”OHHHHH GOD”, and squirted her hot CUM in my mouth.

She immediately split me like a coconut, she kissed my soaked twat with her hot drunken lips; and inserted her tongue into my pleasure spot till I cried out in ecstasy. She was fucking amazing. We both lay there, spent but happy.

Turning to her I asked in a shallow breath, “Did you enjoy your lunch?” She gave me a coy smile and replied, “I sure did”. Laughing, she asked, “When should we have “lunch” again?” “Anytime I said, anytime.”


Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

Why are men such deviant pigs? I’ve been married  now for 16 years, and during that time frame, he has never taken his eyes off other women. I realize that for them, it’s the chase, but damn it, chase when you’re not around me.

Every time we go to the supermarket, pools, even libraries for goodness sake, his eyes never stay in his head. He is always looking at others boobs or asses.

I have asked him, “Why do you disrespect me so”, his answer, “he’s not”, he is just admiring fine art. Oh brother, now I have heard everything. I have politely asked him not to continue this practice, however, he is a lost cause I believe.

Sooz, what can be done to make him understand that when he does this, it hurts my feelings?

Disrespected Wife


Dear Disrespected Wife:

Yeah, good LUCK with that. Usually men have two, possibly three things rolling around in their minds, usually in this order.

  1. Sex
  2. Beer
  3. Sports

Hey, they are what they are. Don’t tell me YOU haven’t ever checked out a man’s ass or his package. The difference is, we are more discreet. Wish I could help you, but I think it’s a losing battle. Try telling him that when he does that, it HURTS your feelings. If he has ANY sensitivity at all, hopefully he will listen to your plea. Good Luck…


Freedom of Speech Rant


This is my Freedom of Speech Rant. Yup, I am fuming and I need to vent. All my life I have been for The Americn Way, Freedom of Speech being one of them. After writing a few Erotica pieces, I realize that we, as a nation, do NOT really have freedom of speech.


Now WHY is this I wonder? Is it because my Blogs are so erotic that I will upset The American Way of living….Ahhhh, NO, I don’t think so. Let’s be honest here, if push came to shove, I would BET that 90 + percent of people who have read Erotica have LOVED it. So then why am I being punished?


Is it because that “MOST” of those folks who HAVE read it pretend that they are holier than thou, and live on HIGH moral pedestals just under the Pearly Gates? That is MY belief. Afterall, it is the business owners who listen to and are FUNDED by these good old hearty folks with the high Gallutin’ morals.


HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOO, they are just WORDS people. What ever happenned to Sticks and Stones won’t hurt me??? It’s just another saying gone by the wayside, just like the old game Kick the Can. Hehehehe, in a WAY, I guess they ARE still playing it because they, (Business Owners), ARE KICKING MY CAN.


Look people, I was just trying to do something I have always wanted to try. I guess I will go back to writing humor again, at least it is something that “THE MAN”, has not decided to block, YET!!!!

Until Later…


Seduction–Sooz Style


Hi there everyone, how are you this morning? I have come here today with a heavy heart. Many of the computer servers over the world have blocked me because of my Erotica stories. It’s sad really because it was a new experience for me, and something that I hoped many would enjoy.
***********************************ADULT CONTENT*************************************

Unfortunately, it appears as if that has not happened. I have always prided myself in giving the people something that they would hopefully like reading ,but, it appears that many are turned off by the graphic structure of my pieces.

I am writing ONE last Erotica story. This piece is from personal experience, and hopefully NOT my last story, but this one, is meant from the heart and soul of me. This is actually a piece of my life, it happened just the way you will read it. Please don’t think harshly of me, as I enjoy ALL forms of sex, well, except for erotic asphyxia.

I believe that sex is a form of art made between two people, and I have absolutely NO shyness, or misgivings about giving myself, or others pleasure. Below is an actual event from ONE of the forms of sex I enjoy.

 Rain, why does it always rain when I want to drive somewhere? I haven’t had good sex now in a month of Sundays, and when I DO get an offer, doesn’t the weather just say,”Fuck You Sooz, if you WANT it, then you’re going to have to pay for it.” I must admit, sex has always been number one in my circle of life, and when I DON’T get it, run for your life.

Tonight was one of those nights. My crotch was dripping like rain from the roof, I NEEDED it, and I needed it now. Cranking the engine in my Jag, and the roar from the motor assured me that Nirvana was only a short drive away.

It seemed like an eternity, but finally pulling up into that long winding driveway, put my mind at ease, I was going to get laid. I had been here before when I was just a novice in S&M, tonight however, I was a professional and couldn’t wait to get my ass slapped and then kissed, and then slapped some more. Even thinking about it made me want to cum right there, but the wait would be worth it.

The mansion door opened and Madame Olga greeted me with a long seductive kiss, while feeling my moistened pussy beneath my dress. She took my hand and led me to our room of pleasure.

 Just thinking about the pain and pleasure was enough to make me tremble. I was hot, wet, and I was ready.  Madame Olga demanded I disrobe and bend over a long table, covered in white silk with black lace. Immediately I complied and the fun began. Whack went the riding crop across my ass again and again. Even though the pain was biting, kissing my wounds with her luscious lips made my body quiver. God this was good.

She then led me to a set of poles looking like field goal posts, and bound both my hands and feet. Olga decided to blindfold me as again she laid her crop across my back. Whack, Kiss, Whack, Kiss, don’t stop I thought as the pain and pleasure were bringing me closer and closer to ultimate pleasure. The crop was replaced by a feather as she ran the feathers around my neck, and then all the way down to my already soaked twat.

Olga dropped to her knees and spread my wanton pussy with her fingers while sliding her tongue inside my molten volcano. Up and down and all around my Clit she navigated as finally I could hold on no more. I screamed out into the night like a wailing Banshee as my need had been satisfied.

After dressing, Olga came to me, kissed me passionately and whispered in my ear, “Next time, YOU Play the seductress.”  I smiled and assured her I would.



The Seductress-Adult Theme-

the Seductress

It was almost midnight, the feeling of anticipation sent chills down my spine as my session with Madame Olga was almost here. While driving nearly four hours took some of the edge off, it was my first time, and I was ready.   

Thinking to myself, did I HAVE everything she requested, Mask, check, Ectacy, check, I was even wearing the black thong that she requested. Yup, I had it all, and I was looking forward to it.

546 Treemont Street, that was the address alright as I turned into that long driveway and surveyed the property. Huge Willow trees graced the entire estate, and there was even a little rock garden in front which had been kept in pristine condition.

In front, a huge mansion which looked like something out of The Adam’s Family TV show back in the 70’s. It was funny, really, because it WAS pelting down rain, like hail rattling on an old rain bucket. The only thing I was waiting for was for Lurch the butler to answer the door.

I was a little creeped out as I rang the doorbell; the sexual energy had been building for months ever since I was told about Madame Olga from a friend of mine.

 I have always been curious about S & M, but I never really had the courage, OR the knowledge where to find it. I was afraid to go online and find it, I was just too chicken. So, here I was, venturing into something I had never done before, I was curious, anxious, and ready.

Madame Olga answered the door dressed in a sexy piece of lingerie, a pink bodice, with matching stockings to boot. She appeared to be in her 30’s, her husky voice was low and VERY sexy sounding, she smiled and bid me to come with her.

We walked along a darkened hallway till we reached two doors with golden overlays above them. She opened the doors and my eyes took in all the splendor around me. There were chains and whips, and an old stockade from the 1600’s peering out from the background.

Bondage harnesses, belts, and ball gags with chin harnesses were adorned around the room. Madame Olga asked what I wanted and I told her, I didn’t know, I was a novice, and what did SHE recommend?

Without further ado, she commanded me, “Take the Ecstasy, and take off your dress.” I did her bidding as I felt the EX slide down my gullet. My dress slipped to the floor and I was standing there with nothing on but a pair of High heels, and a Black Thong.

“Ever hear of pain and pleasure,” she asked, I told her I had. Then she told me to bend over an old table that was there, covered in white with black lace. I did as I was commanded, and she hit me with a riding crop, once, twice, and then a third time as I whimpered in pain.

While the marks of her whip were still bulging up, she kissed, and then licked my wounds. The Ecstasy had kicked in by now, and I have NEVER felt like this before. I wanted MORE. I started to speak, but she rebuked me as if I was a child. “No talking,” she said in a commanding voice, I remained silent.

Next, she led me to what looked like two bed pillars secured at the base by another wood frame. She tied my hands to each pillar before removing my thong and secured my legs also. I was hers, and she KNEW it.

She ball gagged me, and started to go down my body with a tickling feather. She did this from my neck, all the way down and between my soaked mound. Again, and again, I felt the riding crop tear across my back, followed by kissing and licking. It was all I could do to scream out, she was a master seductress, and I loved every moment of the pain and pleasure she was giving me.

Then, she did something different; she placed her luscious lips on my breasts and sucked them ever so tenderly.  First, my left one, and then my right, I was in FUCKING HEAVEN. I wanted her to just take and suck me like a brand new lollipop; instead, she grabbed a vibrator, and placed it on my pussy.

I could stand NO more, I writhed, and screamed as loud as I could through that ball gag until my insides shuttered from the satisfaction she had given me. She smiled, untied me, and then said, “GET DRESSED.” Once again, I did as I was instructed; I was a different woman now.

Once dressed, she told me…”Not bad for the FIRST session, see you again next week at the same time?” Shyly, I nodded yes, paid her, and walked out a happy woman. I couldn’t WAIT to see what she had in store for me NEXT time.






The Subway Ride–Adult Story–

I have always hated trains, EXCEPT for today, always crowded, smelly, and usually with a hint of disquietedness, and with the same route every day, it gets to be a bit boring.

Hi, my name is Marsha, and I needed some excitement in my life. Usually, I am a shy gal, you know the type, she says very little until she gets to know you, but today was different. I NEEDED something different, something exciting.

As I sat on that boring train, I decided that I needed to do something crazy. Something that would make THIS train ride like no others, I decided to make love to the next person who sat next to me, male or female. Crazy, right, I know, but I was tired of being boring Marcia and I needed some spark, something out of the ordinary, to make a lasting memory.

“42 St.”, I heard the conductor yell, as several people got off to carry on with their boring lives. Then it happened, my plan was about to be put into production. A man, probably in his early 50’s sat down next to me. Boy was HE in for the treat of his life. He sat down, gave me one of those fake hi how are ya smiles, and then, opened up his newspaper.

Was I REALLY gonna go through with this I thought to myself, YES, by god I was. Summoning all my courage, I started a conversation with this older and somewhat balding man. He seemed like a nice guy, worked as a Repo man in the city, and I noticed that he wasn’t wearing a ring.

Of course, at this point, I had already made up my mind, and I really didn’t care if a Kangaroo had sat next to me, I was STILL going through with it. I giggled as he told me about some of his crazy Repo stories, and moved my hand into his lap.

He looked at me like, what the HELL are you doing, as I moved my hand across his lap. I could FEEL the hardness coming under his pants as I stroked his muscle of love. His expression was priceless, as I placed the paper over his lap, undid his belt, and moved my hand inside his pants. His eyes were closed now, giving in to my hand as I STROKED his long hard member with my hand. At THIS point, there WERE no words from my seat mate, only small groans of pleasure.

Figuring he may need a little help, I slipped HIS hand under my dress, and placed it on my wet mound. He was sweating now, as he slipped his finger into my molten river of lust. His breathing became labored, and I too just wanted him to keep fucking me. God this was fun, I thought, why haven’t I ever done this before?

As the train rolled on, so did our sex session. We BOTH came within seconds of each other, stifling the sounds of passions release… He squirted like a fully loaded squirt gun, filling his pants with enough Jiz to load a dumpster, not bad I thought, as we both tried to look normal.

 “121 St.” the conductor yelled out, this is my stop I said as I gave him a slight grin and exited the train. I wanted a memory, and TODAY, I got one I shall never forget…

Until Later…


Just Ask Sooz

Having an Affair | Surviving Infidelity | Spouse Having an Affair

Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I’m writing to you because I have no one else to turn to. First, let me say that like you, I have a very high sex drive. I would rather have sex than eat sometimes. This is where my problem started.

I have a wonderful husband of 6 years now, and we both enjoy a good romp in the hay. The problem is, he only likes to have sex once a day and I need sex on the average of 4 to 6 times a day.

Recently, I cheated on my husband because I was in such a state, and now I feel so guilty, I can hardly stand it. I want to go and tell him everything, apologize, and let him know I will never do it again.

I believe that by doing this, I will have relieved my conscience and be able to sleep better at night. What do you think I should do?

Whorish Slut


Dear Whorish Slut:

Sleep is OVER RATED!!! Whatever you do, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Here’s the thing, I can’t condemn you because I AM you. While I can’t condone sleeping around with someone else while married, I certainly understand your passions.

Bringing it up to your husband will only ease YOUR guilt and NOT be beneficial for your husband. Once you come clean, hurt feelings and mistrust are introduced, when THAT happens, it is VERY hard to put things back like they were.

SAY NOTHING, NADDA, ZERO, ZILCH, and keep it safely locked in a Chastity Belt during the day. I would recommend seeing a counselor for your overactive sex drive, hey, who knows, maybe they can help you.

In the meantime, get on with your life and hopefully you will be able to sleep again soon… Good Luck…



Poems by Sooz

When I was just a little girl,

My daddy used to say,

Sooz, you are like sugar and spice,

In every single way.


Adolescence came and went,

And the sugar and spice were gone,

Alcohol had replaced that image,

And I started to wear a thong.


Sexy was now the image I chose,

So slinky and so sleek,

I’d make the girls drop their tongues,

And have me satisfy their freak.


Time comes and goes, upon this world,

And all the lovers say,

You’re just a friend and NOT a mate,

Pack up and go your way.


A lesson was learned, and shared with many,

That Sooz will have no Love,

For all she is,

Is a business woman, whose passion flies like the Dove.


Feel sorry NOT, for I have come,

To realize my fate,

There are many lovers, and many friends,

Yet there will NEVER be a mate.





Erotic Blogs


Attention to anyone who reads me. For a long time, I have always had a penchant for reading, and then wanting to write Erotic blogs. I am NOT doing this to offend anyone, as I believe that the Human body is a beautiful piece of art.

As such, I have set up another blog post under cumalongwithme where I will ATTEMPT to write erotic stories. IF you read them, I would like all the feed back I can get as this is a NEW area for me.

Bear in mind, these blogs will always be posted under the adult theme with the hopes that young people will NOT read them. Well, that’s really all I wanted to say, I just wanted to get all of YOUR feed back so I can get better.

Thanks to to you all for reading me…