How To Give Your Dog or Cat a Pill


Trying to give your dog or cat a pill is like trying to get a 100 year old man’s penis hard. Sorry…The devil made me type that…REALLY!!!. Damn…Now I lost my train of thought, Oh yeah, giving dogs or cats pills.

This subject has been widely studied by many successful vets across the world, and to my knowledge, there STILL is no easy way to make this happen. Oh sure, you might have a dog or cat that is a stupid as toast and just eat it, but usually, this is NOT the case.

The more widely accepted phenomenon is that the animal will turn their heads like in the Exorcist, spit and then, start cursing at you. I know, I know, none of us likes to be cursed at, especially by our family pets, so we have to think of inventive ways to administer said medicine without all the drama from Peyton Place.

The following, are ways that after many many years of study seem to work rather well.

1.)   BEG like HELL… Sometimes this works because your pet just likes to feel superior to you, and will just swallow it to show you that HE is the boss.

2.)   Put it in his food. This USUALLY works unless your pet is as smart as Einstein, in which case, he will eat all AROUND the pill and then stare at you as if to say…SERIOUSLY???

3.)   My personal favorite is to use distraction. For example, yell at the top of your lungs, “LOOK…There’s a CAT”, Then, as he starts to bark, put the pill in his mouth. This method however, doesn’t really work that well on cats, because number one, they are smarter than dogs, and two, they DON’T bark.

3.)   Acquire a blow gun, put said pill into it, and then BLOW like an Aborigine hunting the White man. This method certainly DOES work, but, finding the blow gun is tricky.

Last but not least, this is the one that seems to work the best. With two fingers, hold his nose until he HAS to open up his mouth for oxygen. You can then insert the pill WAY down his throat, and then remove your fingers from pinching his nostrils. This will usually do the trick.

Once your dog/cat regains consciousness, Give him several well deserved hugs, and of course, lavish him with copious treats. I hope this has been a help to you.

Until Later…

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