Ten Things Woman Think About

1.   Do I look FAT in these pants? If I DO…Who can I Bitch at to make me feel better about MYSELF???

2.   Why do men always have to HINT at getting in our pants with sexual innuendos? All they really have to do is buy us dinner, take us dancing, be sweet to us, tell us they love us, marry us, and then do what ever we tell them for the rest of their lives.

3.   OMG…Is that a HAIR I see on my chin, am I growing a freakin’ beard? Shall I shave, pluck it, or wax it…Decisions…Decisions..

4.   Do I have the shoes to match this dress ’cause Penny’s is having a sale. Oh wait, so is Target, Sears, Macys, and Nordstrom’s.

5.   If I like him, should I sleep with him on the first date?  Should I wear my sexiest bra and panties, AND shave my legs “Just In Case”…???    

6.   I KNOW my shoe size is a seven, BUT, I REALLY think I can squeeze it into these pretty six and a halfs…

7.   If I get drunk will he take advantage of me, I HOPE so? OK… ALL women may NOT think this but I do…

8.   Do my boobs make my ass look big?

9.   Just because I made a left hand turn from the right hand lane DOSEN’T give him the right to say I’m a BAD driver.

10.  I WONDER if I could ACTUALLY bounce quarters off his ass…Hmmmm…          

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