Diary Of A Yo-Yo


Dear Diary:

I woke up today as I usually do in Harry’s toy box. No…Not PRINCE Harry, HE’S into the running around naked thing, NOT Yo-Yos. Anyway, as I was saying, there I am just sittin’ in the box waiting for Harry to pick me up when I notice that my STRING is all knotted.

There is nothing I hate worse than a twisted knotted string because THAT means that Harry is gonna diddle me until it’s all straightened out. God I hate being diddled. His hands are always like ice, what does he do, put them in the freezer before he get me…Gheese…

I hear the box open and I just KNOW that he is gonna pick ME because I’m his favorite toy. Oh sure, he plays with G.I. Joes, his wrestlers, and EVEN a Doll named Barbie, but hey…I don’t JUDGE, I’m a freakin’ Yo-Yo.

When he finally grabbed me, his hands were FREEZING.….Oh MAN those hands were cold….Burrrrrrr!!! OK now, I hope he doesn’t tickle me when he unknots me….Hehehehehe…Hey Harry, I TOLD you, “Don’t TICKLE ME.” Hehehehehehe…

Finally, he got the string unknotted and started to wind me up. The winding part is also very uncomfortable because it feels like a noose being wound around your neck. I was thankful that he didn’t wind me TOO tight because then he may have heard me gag. God…Wouldn’t THAT have been embarrassing?

Being a “Sleeper” Yo-Yo, I can do a LOT of tricks. I can of course go up and down, BUT, I can also “Sleep“, “Walk the Dog” and sometimes if he spins me FAST enough, I can EVEN do what they call “Around the World”. No People…This is NOT a Sexual term used by some. GUTTER MINDS!!!!


He played with me for a good hour and it REALLY tired me out. I was actually very glad when he put me back in the box till another day.
Well, I’m pretty tired now so Ill say goodnight, I’ll write more about my adventures tomorrow…Nite Nite…


Until Later…

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