Today, let’s talk about being Politically Correct, or as it is known today…PC. What ever happened to the “OLD” English language we grew up with and KNEW so well?

Good in BED is NOW Ahhh!!!

What was WRONG with what we had BEFORE??? I’ll give you a few examples…

What WAS…The Drug Store… Is NOW…”The Pharmacy”
What WAS…The Garbage man…Is NOW…”The Sanitation Worker”
What WAS…The Housewife…Is NOW A “Domestic Engineer”
What WAS a Maid… Is NOW… “The Housekeeper”
What WAS a “JERK” Is now referred to as “An ASSHOLE”(That IS correct now RIGHT???)

What WAS called a Booger Is NOW known as “That piece of disgusting shit that is coming out of your NOSE.”

What WAS called McDonald’s is well…STILL called McDonald’s, I just wanted to see if you were STILL awake.

Anyway, WHY are we SO obsessed with making everything Politically Correct? I mean sometimes an ASS is just an ASS!!! Plus What’s wrong with what we had before? People still knew what the HELL you were talking about when you said “The Garbage man is coming today” so WHAT’S the big deal?
Ohhhhhhhhh….We are Soooooooooooo afraid of hurting someone’s feelings though Sue…Soooo…I say at LEAST you would KNOW what the HELL they are talking about!!! I say, we go back to the way we WERE…Crude…Rude…and Unattractive…Hey…WHO”S WITH ME???

Until Later…

20 thoughts on “PC…WHAT???

  1. I think McDonald’s now goes by Mickey D’s. At least it did when my daughters were teenagers. And I differentiate between Jerks and Assholes. The difference I feel is in the intent. A Jerk seems to be born that way. An asshole appears to have made it a studied art.


  2. Good post. I’m with you on this to the point where I am deliberately un-pc. I had a lawyer b*** about it once. I snapped, “Hey, C***, nowhere in the Constitution does it say I have freedome of speech EXCEPT….” She cried and I slept on the couch. Yep. I’m even anti-pc with my gf. ha!


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