Mars and Venus for Dummies

The book “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” is a funny book describing the differences on how men and women think. I’ve read this book SEVERAL times now trying to figure out what the HELL Men REALLY mean when they say things. To date, I have STILL not figured it out.


Don’t misunderstand me guys, I’m NOT bashing you, I’m SURE that you are wondering the same thing about US. WHY don’t we think the same way? I think it must have been a HUGE COSMIC JOKE in the Universe when we were created. “Hey, I have a thought, let’s create Men to think ONE way, and Women another.” “That way, we can watch them BICKER until the Angels come home.”

I think the key here is to just listen to what they say and then do what EVER the Hell we feel like. That’s what THEY do. I know what you’re thinking here guys, you’re saying. “You DO that anyway.”

So…What can be DONE about all this? How can we all just get along? Over the years, it seems to me that when we are in a loving relationship, SOMEHOW, we all seem to just GET on the same page. Have you ever noticed that?


Maybe it’s the chemicals in our bodies that are ALTERED for this brief time in history. Do you think that’s what makes Both of us ‘UNDERSTAND’ each other better?

Think about it for a minute, for the MOST part, we (Women) don’t like men’s sports. Yet, when we are in LOVE, all of a sudden, in order to be WITH the man we love, we become obsessed with the game. We learn everything we can so we can communicate about it on par with him.

Same thing happens for the guys. Who would EVER think a guy would go to the drug store to get us TAMPONS (Owwwwwww!!!!!!), or hold our dreaded purses when the need arises? I’m tellin’ ya, it’s the LOVE CONNECTION.


AS I see it, there are only Two possibilities here on how to totally ‘GET’ each other.

* One…We turn Gay, this way we are both of the same gender and TOTALLY understand each other anyway.

* Two…Stay in love CONSTANTLY.

Both of these methods seem to fit the general dynamic. So…Which way will YOU go? Good luck. Hopefully, you pick the one that will give you a LIFETIME full of pleasure.

Until Later…

17 thoughts on “Mars and Venus for Dummies

  1. Guys are not that difficult. We are either 1 of three things. 1. Hungry 2. Horny 3. Want something to drink, actually 4, so 4. Hungry, Horny AND want something to drink. It really is that simple. Every now and again we have “feelings”, but it doesn’t happen often enough to matter. We are not complicated. If our mood is in question, apply the 4 things I listed, and you should be able to figure it out. Now the ladies on the other hand……. 🙂


  2. I think you almost nailed it.
    Women listen, then do what they want.
    Men just skip to the do what we want.

    I’m lucky to have a girl that tolerates this, and I love when she does whatever it is she’s doing.
    So it all works out…


  3. The reductionist theory of Mars and Venus does not much good other than sell more books and workshops for the author.
    Fanboyism is rampant even in the Self Help industry.

    1)Men are not so simple.
    2)Women are not so complex.
    3)The above statements can be reversed under suitable circumstances.
    4)The above statements can have varying degrees of fact or fiction, depending on the circumstanced beyond our comprehension.

    An excellent book to read is SHAM, by Steve Salerno, which tries to expose the Self Help Actualization Movement, whose primary aim is not to improve you, but to keep you hooked to their products forever.


    • Smart Marketing!!! I agree!!! Being in the field of marketing, we ALL realize what sells books. I believe some are more factual in nature however than others.

      I appreciate your comment and I look forward to following you.


  4. I had a professor who went over the original book in class once. His opinion was that the author focused on statistical differences that account for a very small percentage of overall human behavior. That didn’t make the differences irrelevant, but implied that it needed to be taken in perspective. Men and women are far more alike than they are different, but we seem to have fun looking at the differences in particular. And it is fun. But the statistical difference between the behavior of individuals is far larger than the statistical differences in the behavior between genders, and individual stereotypes are far more effective to look at. The success of the book illustrates the degree of Human interest in gender stereotypes. We’d like to think they give us a window into predicting an individuals behavior by knowing their gender, but in reality, you’re looking at a very low probability of success considering gender only. (And we often base things on this anyway).

    I looked at the book as an interesting side-note to the creation of characters in fiction. Some of the stereotypes are very useful in the construction of characters. It’s nice just having the material for reference, and it shows (at least a little) of the gender bias that readers may expect of these stereotypes, allowing me to use them (if I can’t come up with something better).


  5. “We turn Gay, this way we are both of the same gender and TOTALLY understand each other anyway.”

    This totally wouldn’t work, many of the same gender can’t work out each other let alone the other sex…


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