A Little Bit About Sooz

ATTENTION: The following contains ADULT content and should only be viewed by those either OVER 18 years of age OR Just plain wanna read ADULT material.

“Hi, my name is Erin Susan (Irish surname), and I’m a NYMPHOMANIAC DRUNK.” I never did like the term alcoholic because THEN people would THINK you attend MEETINGS, which I DON’T!!! I just wanted to tell you a little about myself because, well, people USUALLY LIKE that kinda stuff, PLUS…I’m DRUNK!!! YUUUUUUUUUUP..That’s right, it’s only 8:00 AM and I am ALREADY hammered. I got up at 6:00 this AM, had a hangover so I thought I would just take a hair of the dog and just out drink my headache. Guess what? It WORKED…YEA!!!!!! Only problem is…NOW, I’m drunk again, YIKES!!! Hey…It’s GOTTA be 5 O ‘Clock SOMEWHERE right???


I’m ALSO a HOT, (SIZZLING), card carrying NYMPHOMANIAC. I AM!!! Ask my Psychotherapist if you don’t believe me. Although, SHE refers to my “condition” as “HYPER SEXUAL TENDENCIES” PAAALLLLLEEEEESSSSSEEEE!!!! I LOVE to FUCK (SHHHHHHHHHHHH), I am ALSO Bi-Sexual so it’s MUCH easier to get a date. I sooooo wanna be”NORMAL” but I think THAT ship has sailed a LONG time ago.


In truth, I LOVE to drink, AND, I love to have SEX. I could have sex 24/7 and NEVER tire of it. Now, I KNOW what you’re thinking, “Sooz, you are makin’ ALL this up”…NOPE!!! I’m NOT, PINKIE SWEAR!!! Ever since I came into puberty, I have ALWAYS known 2 things. One, I love both Men AND women, and two, I LOVE SEX!!!

Yes, I KNOW it’s not “NORMAL’ but, that’s the way it is. I have tried pills, relaxation techniques, and even TOYED with ELECTRO SHOCK therapy, (Until I sobered up), but ALL to no avail. I FEEL like I NEED sex ALL the time. My Vajay Ja keeps egging me on saying,” SHE looks Cute Sooz, why don’t you DO her”, OR… “Hey Sooz, HE is SEXY…I’ll bet HE could “KNOCK YOUR PANTY HOSE OFF”. The MIND just won’t let me alone. Talk, talk, talk is ALL it ever does. Meanwhile, I just keep getting hotter and hotter until I have a STRING of one night drunken stands, OR I have to PLEASURE MYSELF with Mr. Dildo and COMPANY!!!


As for the drinking, it all started as a bet with my 13 year old girlfriend. The bet was to open my mother’s liquor cabinet, get some booze, and SEE who could get DRUNK the fastest. I WON!!! I ALSO had my FIRST DRUNKEN love making experience that day AND also my first HANGOVER the next. Yes I’ve tried AA, there are just TOO many freakin’ steps to take. Four or FIVE OK, 12…You’ve gotta be FUCKIN’ KIDDING me! I would get through 3, get bored, and go out and get DRUNK!!!


Just so you don’t think I am a TOTAL loser, let me just say that I have 2 degrees, a BS in Business, and an MS in Marketing. I currently run my own Advertising and Marketing firm and I do VERY well. The PROBLEM is, I am STILL single. Yes I do very well and the money is good, BUT, I also want to have a steady guy or partner I can commit myself to. OK, Now I KNOW I am TOTALLY wasted because I see here that I am TOTALLY rambling!!! Hehehe.

OMG!!! Is it HOT in here or is it just my Pussy? I can see this is a good time to stop and do a little “SOUL” searching. OK, you caught me, I just wanna get my DILDO out and go to bed. Thanks for listening folks and I will talk with you soon.LOVE YOU ALL…LITERALLY!!!. Hehehehehe.

Until Later…

14 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Sooz

  1. Realistically, I think you should probably stay single.

    Many nymphomaniacs have a tendency to get bored with one individual. This would have a detrimental effect on any long term relationship. Of course, maybe you could be devoted to one person, but since you’re bisexual, it seems like that might be difficult unless your prospective partner is fine with your occasional flings with the other gender. (And a lot of men might be). It doesn’t become an issue until emotions get involved. And then, well, you know how that goes. Emotions – particularly jealousy – are major difficulties for a lot of people. There’s that whole “possession” thing a lot of people feel toward someone they’re emotionally entangled with. If we could remove jealousy from the Human equation, the world would be a much more interesting place. Marriage might become a different animal altogether – more of a contract without the aspects of emotional bonding. But that isn’t going to happen. Like it or not, jealousy is part of our makeup, and probably results in more conflicts than we care to admit.

    I do understand your desire to have a consistent person in your life, but you can do that without marriage, and probably should, because odds are good that you’ll engage in some form of infidelity that would eventually result in emotional responses that will then result in jealousy on one side or another. Even if it isn’t you being jealous, think of the two other people. Of course, your other option is to find another nymphomaniac with the same mental makeup as your own. If you can do this and enter into a form of “contract” by which you will both agree to terminate any relationship occurring outside your marriage that is unapproved by the other, then perhaps you can make this work. It’s worth a try. And where can you find such an individual? Well, if you’re already in therapy, why not try asking your therapist. They may well know such individuals. They may be treating them as well.

    Good luck. I think there are likely a lot of people out there like yourself, so don’t lose heart. Sexual addiction can be a hurdle you have to deal with, but it obviously doesn’t need to be one that stops you form living a full life. If you can learn to control it – learn to enable delayed satisfaction knowing that the pleasure will be that much greater when it comes – then you may provide for yourself some level of control. As for the alcohol, I have this problem myself, and know well the damage its causing me. It’s a constant struggle, and the changes in brain chemistry are a major issue. Lately, I’ve been trying to restrict myself, ruling that I cannot and will not drink unless I’ve had a good workout first. At least I’ll be in shape, and hopefully the exercise will limit some of the detrimental effects.


    • I have to agree with you about the emotional responses. You’re RIGHT…I probably AM better off being by myself. except for the loneliness. One night stands are GREAT BUT, they’re are for only one night! I am just so lonely ya know?
      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and try and give me some prospective here. I really appreciate it!!!


      • You can be married and have additional partners and 10 best friends and still feel lonely. Some people spend their whole lives alone and never feel lonely.

        The bad news is that your best friend (yourself) isn’t taking very good care of your heart like she should. But the good news is that you don’t have to find another person in this world and worry about making them love you, cause that is hard and heartbreaking sometimes. Your best friend will be there always, even laying on the bathroom floor with you after a pukefest. She probably knows the best way to fuck you too. 🙂


  2. Ya know, if it makes you happy and you can go day to day enjoying yourself with no problems, have at it and enjoy!
    And nuts to anyone who says otherwise.

    And no, not a loser at all.


  3. I like your honesty, and you sound really smart and super fun. I agree you don’t need any programs like that, as long as you feel ok about it. You are in therapy, which has to be better, right?

    I’m sending you lots of love anyway. Hope today you wake up feeling good.


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