Does You Age Affect Your Sex Life

 Does Your Age Affect Your Sex Life

Over and over I have heard people tell me that as they got older, their Sex lives changed. Now, I’m sure for THEM this was true, but HONESTLY, in today’s world of Medical Science, there is NO reason to think your Sex life will go the way of the dinosaur.

                               KISS ME MY FOOL!!
Oh SURE, as we age, we lose some of our hormones like Testosterone and Estrogen, BUT, we still can be “Lean Mean Fucking Machines.” The KEY here people is Spontaneity and Repetition. Studies have shown that the more you “DO IT” The More you CONTINUE doing it!!!

It’s TRUE, to keep that Sexual tension alive, you have to continue dancing the “Horizontal Mambo”, “Knocking Boots” or Having your partner “Play the Preverbal Skin Flute” on a Regular basis. So, why does this CHANGE as we age? It’s because we either get too busy with Other things, we stop loving our partners as we used to, OR, we are just TOO FUCKING TIRED to engage in ANY kind of Sexual activity.




Yup, usually the TIRED part comes when we have a child or 12. There is NO doubt about it, Children contribute to the MAJORITY of Sexual Dysfunction in the World today. Now, does that mean we shouldn’t HAVE any children, YES, (Just kidding), No, we should just be MORE attentive towards our Spouses.


 OK, I KNOW what you’re thinking, “ Sooz…What are you, a Freakin’ Sexual Psychiatrist?” The answer here is NO. I am just a Freakin’ NYMPHO who has done RESEARCH into this BUBBA so PAY ATTENTION!!!

All I’m saying here folks is this, Love one another as when you were first met. Wine her/him, dine them, and pay ATTENTION to them. It’s Usually the FIRST thing in a partnership that breaks down. EVERYBODY wants attention people…Give It To Them!!!

By Spending time with your significant other, Showing them that you LOVE them, and making PASSIONATE love with them on a regular basis, there is NO reason Why anyone should feel a lack of Sexual response. If there IS, There is ALWAYS Viagra and Estrogen supplements people.

Until Later…

24 thoughts on “Does You Age Affect Your Sex Life

  1. I have several children and I am a total sex fiend, lol, so having kids doesn’t have to dampen your libido. Also, I think when people lose their sex drive its often those who have been in long term marriages and they are BORED. If you can find a way to keep your sex life exciting I’m betting you’ll want it long into your older years.

    One of the guys I am sleeping with is in his early 40s and he sometimes sleeps with women that are over 50. He claims that women want to do more and crazier things as they age and the reason I don’t want to try some things is my age (mid thirties). He is fine and respectful of what I don’t want to do but apparently older women like to participate in things that they didn’t want to do when they were younger. Its true that I am more sexually adventurous about trying new things in my thirties than I was in my twenties and many women don’t even experience orgasms during sex until they are in their thirties. Plus we are supposed to hit a sexual peak in the late 30’s/early 40’s.

    For SOME women I think they get wilder as they age. That’s why we have the stereotypical older housewife that is throwing herself at the plumbers and maintenance guys that come to the house, lol. Those images are often based on a grain of truth. My grandma was kind of like that well into her 60’s. Even now I suspect she is having an affair with a younger man (she is not married, but he is) and she is over 80. It happens!!


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