Do’s and Don’ts in a Boy’s and Girl’s Bathroom

Sometimes I get bored from slaving at my job trying to think of creative things to come up with for add campaigns, so, I just think about funny things to write about.


 Inspired by using the women’s rest room just prior to writing this, I got to thinking about some of the do’s and dont’s in the different bathrooms. I thought it might be kinda fun to explore it, and YES..I KNOW this is considered bathroom humor.

Do’s—-Both bathrooms—

Wash your hands after you use the rest room. OK…I know that guys say that they don’t pee on their hands but neither do we, so… COME ON…This is disgusting guys, wash ‘em. Nothing we like better than to smell pee all over your hands when you’re touching us…NOT!!!

Dont’s—-Both bathrooms—

Don’t write on the bathroom stalls. OK…We girls are just as guilty as you are when it comes to this. Guys…If you wanna get laid…just ASK us…No need to write little limericks all over the stalls suggesting we are easy. USUALLY, we are NOT.

Same with us girls…writing it won’t make it so…Ya gotta get out there and show off our stuff( if ya know what I mean).


Never squat BEFORE you check to see if there is any toilet paper…This is a MUST, otherwise we tend to empty out our purses looking for Kleenex or other paper products to wipe ourselves.

Dont’s— Guys—-

Don’t sit in there and masturbate…ESPECIALLY if we are waiting for you. Do it in your OWN bathroom or bedroom where it is SUPPOSED to be done. Gheese!!!!!


Don’t talk about the married guy you are screwing as his wife might be in the stall listening…( Actually happened….Not to me of course. ;)…

Do’s—Both bathrooms—

Please wipe your hands…and NOT on your pants or your skirts girls…This is just disgusting. Use the towels or the mega hand dryer they have that is like at the car wash. Two seconds and you are ready to go, the only thing you need now…is a good coat of wax.

Dont’s Guys—

Use the urinal correctly. Don’t hold an Olympics event with other guys to see who can pee the farthest from the urinal and STILL make it. SOMEHOW…It seems to land on your pants this way. Just get right up close and personal and let the water fly.

Insight for guys here…Women are ALWAYS gonna pee in a group, that’s just the way it is guys…GET OVER IT!!! There is always strength in numbers and I think somehow it helps us pee better too. Deal with it…

OK…creative juices have dried up now so I have to quit…But…Feel free to add your own touch to this, I would love to read your comments. Talk to you all later…

Until Later…


14 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts in a Boy’s and Girl’s Bathroom

  1. Both. Autoflush – when it doesn’t work, PUSH THE BUTTON!
    How do you know? If you get up and it doesn’t flush, then it’s NOT WORKING!

    Really! You may be proud of what you’ve done, but if you really need to share it, then take a picture and send it to your friends. I’m sure your friends want to know the elastic capacity of your sphincter, but not the rest of us.


  2. Hey, I got a lot of numbers off of the stalls in my younger days. Some of those ladies enjoyed having a big strong man call them up and say “Hey Baby, wanna wrestle?”. Only one time did I get ‘Tone Loc’d” and have one of the ladies say they needed 50$ to make me holler. I said no spank you, but I charge $20….. ;D


  3. LOL Sooz! I think you should write a book about using the bathroom! The only time I’ve ever written on a stall door was about a year ago. And Fryes Electronics had posted a list of rules on every stall door about how to flush the toilet etc. So I got out my pen and wrote. Thanks I’ve never gone to the bathroom before.” So after that I noticed there were other comments too. Last time I was there, they had removed all the “rules” so I got my pen out and worte. “Thanks I’ve never gone to the bathroom before.” — where the list used to be posted. I got a big kick out of doing that!!


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