Top 10 Excuses for Missing Work

  Man…I am soooo HUNG OVER!!!
Some Days you JUST don’t have a good excuse for missing work. Here are a few that *I’ve* used…

10.   My mother is too drunk to drive me in.

9.    My boyfriend stole my pants and I have see through undies.

8.    I broke my glasses and am waiting to have my windshield replaced with prescription                 glass.

7.    It’s Cinco De Mayo and I’m Mexican.

6.    The Dr. says my hangover will be much better by tomorrow.

5.    My car won’t start and I’m waiting on triple D’s, I mean triple A.

4.    My breast augmentation prevents me from steering.

3.    Hey, Halloween only comes once a year.

2.    My welfare check is gone so I won’t be in until the 15th.

1.    My favorite fish just died and I need to go and attend it’s funeral

Until Later…

29 thoughts on “Top 10 Excuses for Missing Work

  1. Sadly, I go to way too many midweek concerts with my boss, so he knows the shape I’m in and that I did it to myself.
    Fortunately, his commute is waaay longer, so he’s usually in worse shape than me the day after a show.


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