The Elusive “G” Spot


OK…ladies, guys, show me a raise of hands all of you that actually BELIEVE in the elusive “G” spot. So DAMN much emphasis has been placed on this fake little bean like area in the vagina that men have been trying since the 1940’s to not just bring us to orgasm, but poke and rub and poke some more looking for something that will send us off into some kind of Cartoon world of pleasure. IT AIN’T HAPPENING!!!!!

I just wanna say right here and now that if I EVER meet up with Dr. Grafenberg, I would like to PUNCH him in HIS “G” spot. Guys and girls alike…TRUST me, there IS no such place.

I know what you’re gonna say “But Sue…I have “FELT” the Earth move, I TRULY came harder than I EVER have in my life”. To this I say POPPYCOCK… Did you have a great Orgasm…yes, you probably did, BUT…was it because your partner said some magic words, waived his magic dildo over your Vagina and said, “COME HARDER THAN YOU EVER HAVE IN YOUR LIFE”…A…NO!!!

The truth is, we women orgasm once or multiple times mainly due to the length of time you spend on foreplay. For those guys who may NOT understand that word (and there are several out there who don’t, TRUST me), that means the same thing as prepping the food ahead of time in a restaurant.

Buy us dinner, ask about US, our wants and our needs, buy us roses, put 100 dollars in our pocket…. OOPS!!! …No….FORGET about that one, make us FEEL special. Then, take a while and prep us, tell us how much you desire us, feel us gently, kiss us till we just melt in your arms, usually if you do this for 20 or 30 minutes (Yes, I know it’s a BITCH guys), chances are we will have our first orgasm even before you penetrate us.

In many learned communities (Well, OK, at least those in the back woods of West Virginia), Dr.’s are not even sure IF such a place even exists. All I’m sayin’ here is, if you wanna KNOCK our socks off, just be attentive to us, love us and there will be NO NEED to search for the ever lasting treasure….The elusive “G” spot.

By the way,I am a licensed sex therapist and if anyone needs help here is this area, just give me a call at 1-480-9798 OR better yet stop by.

OK….I lied about being a sex therapist Sue me…

Until Later…

23 thoughts on “The Elusive “G” Spot

  1. I agree with Lady Or Not. There is such an animal. When you can locate as a guy, your female friends will pass your number along to their friends and so on. I have had great success in my pursuits of this magnificent beast. 🙂


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