Halloween Humor


OK…I’m gonna break down and write something about Halloween. I mean after all…Besides St. Patrick’s Day, it IS my favorite holiday. Who can guess why it’s my second favorite holiday? Seriously??? No one wants to guess??? OK, I’ll tell ya why. I can dress up as ANYBODY OR ANYTHING I wanna and get drunk as a skunk.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But Sue, you don’t NEED an excuse to get drunk as you ARE most of the time ANYWAY“…Well… OK that’s true, BUT how often do I get to dress up in a Sexy French Maid’s Costume and party with Cupid? Gotcha on that one didn’t I? I’ll be serving so much French Wine to Cupid, He won’t even be able to shoot  straight. He’ll probably wind up shooting his dumb ass arrows straight into my ASS. I’m gonna make sure my costume is small enough so I will be able to expose some ASS to shoot.

Now, where was I…Oh yeah, Halloween. Do you know WHY we wear costumes on Halloween? It’s because it’s the one day that the sprits of the dead were supposed to walk the Earth with the Living. Folks would dress up in costumes to try and fool the spirits into thinking that they were one of THEM so they wouldn’t be haunted by them.

Hey…I’m not makin’ this stuff up… Google it…So, that’s where the tradition started. Now, we just do it to have a little fun and scare the DEJESUS out of little kids who come to our doors for candy.

Speaking of costumes, (notice my smooth segway there), I understand that the most popular ones this year are the political figures. Yup…It’s true. We have kids dressing up as Obama and Romney. Go figure…Scratches Head… My favorite though is the NFL replacement refs and Honey Boo Boo. You just gotta love Honey Boo Boo!!!


I don’t know if anybody could guess, But, I’ve been doing a little NIPPIN’ here as I’ve been writing. Does it SHOW??? Gotta go now, I still have to take up the hem in my costume and get out all my favorite Halloween Movies together. Have a great one everyone. Hic…

Until Later…

4 thoughts on “Halloween Humor

  1. I don’t do the Halloween movie marathon anymore. Used to grab a bunch of the latest scary movies and lock myself away until the following Monday. Now I am too old. Oh well. Pics of the costume! Pics or it didn’t happen! 😀


  2. The last few years, people in our neighborhood (several houses) have been handing out libations for the adults shepherding the kids around. I really appreciate this! I’m usually with the Dad’s of a couple of other kids. Halloween for me really means wandering around behind my kids with a plastic cup full of whatever someone gives me. Usually red wine, but sometimes whiskey and sometimes gin and tonic. I’m not picky. As long as I don’t have to drive anywhere, I’m cool, and I usually have a good time. The wife stays home and answers the door. I usually wear a wizard hat with stars on it, just for effect. It’s not much of a costume, but it’s easy.


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