The “F” Word


I played hooky today and while doing so, I began thinking about the “F” word. What??? You never think about the “F” word??? Oh come on. It’s something that I grant you most men enjoy more than women, BUT, I for one really enjoy it. I think it is VERY relaxing. The thing I really like about it is that you can do it with someone else if you want, OR….Just do it all by YOURSELF.

You KNOW I’m talking about FISHING right??? SOME of you out there in Cyber Space have VERY dirty minds.

Anyway, as I said I love to fish and it’s something I don’t get to do that often based on my schedule. Sooo, I took the day off, grabbed my fishin’ pole and bait and headed out to Canyon Lake.

Now I know what some you are wondering…..Does she put on her own bait? And YES I do……It just takes me a longer time COAXING the worms and such onto my hook. Some may ask…why not just use lures? Now, for those of you who may not be familiar with the term lure, It means when a guy drops his pants and then asks you to dance. By doing this he feels he can LURE you into his den of iniquity.

Just kidding about that…Although, one of the guys I dated DID actuary do that). No…a lure is a man made device that may Wiggle, Giggle, or even Dance (Hmmmm), in the water TRICKING the fish into thinking it’s a bug, or perhaps ,a HULA DANCER. Then, after seeing the dancing lure, the fish is supposed to be TOTALLY tricked and swallow said lure as opposed to just APPLAUDING.

Nope…I’m a bait girl, I believe you catch more fish that way. So, here I am in the rented boat, floating on the lake with nothing but my bait and a smile. Well….I WAS wearing CLOTHES of course for those of you who MAY have been picturing me otherwise, once AGAIN…Dirty Minds.

I was out there for three hours today  before I got a BITE ( and that was from my own lunch), but, finally I hauled in my first catch of the day…….A  RUBBER BOOT. Are you kidding me???

OK…I didn’t catch anything out there today, BUT, I did commune with Nature, so overall it was a very relaxing day. By the way, does anyone know the correct way to Fillet a BOOT?

Until Later…

10 thoughts on “The “F” Word

  1. Just the act of sitting on/near the water fishing is relaxing enough for me to consider it a good day, catch or no.

    And my dirty mind is strictly a result of reading your blog. 😉


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