Boxers or Briefs…Bikini, Thong, or Granny Pants


Before you start ragging on me and saying ”Sue, this subject has been done 100 times before”, let me just say SOOOOOOOOO. I like it. It makes me get all tingly just guessing what kind of underwear you guys wear. I know…I know…I’ve been called that before, TOUGH.

So guys…What’s it gonna be eh? Let me preface this by saying that I wear thongs usually. Oh sure, I have both bikini AND a pair of grannies around somewhere, THOSE I wear for like special occasions, like when both the others are dirty.

I have many different colors of undies too, and NO, I DON”T wear days of the week thongs guys…Geeeeez. I think it will be interesting to see just who wears what…Now…Don’t be shy, I’m not going to tell anybody…UNLESS of course you become a huge rock star or famous Dr. who just found the cure for Cancer, THEN…all bets are off.

Ladies…Don’t be shy, I know this will probably vary depending on age. I’m NOT judging Damnit…This is just a freakin’ survey. Come on…It will be FUN…Loosen up a little, spill your guts out.

I’ll be anxiously awaiting your responses…

Until later…

29 thoughts on “Boxers or Briefs…Bikini, Thong, or Granny Pants

  1. I wear briefs during the week and boxers on weekends. Why? Because I work out at the gym during the week and if I wore boxers, my junk would be flying all over while I’m on the elliptical. I don’t like working out in boxers. On the weekends, however, I like my junk free to float around and be happy. And since I’m at home, I can change into briefs when I get on the elliptical. It’s easy. So there you go.


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