Just Ask Sooz

 Dear Sooz,
My partner had a sex dream about another woman and thinks she may have Bi-Tendencies.  How do I take full advantage of this moment? Threesome wanted

Dear Threesome:
All women have at one time or another have sex dreams about being with women. This does not NECESSARILY mean she is Bisexual. You must FIRST have her invite over one of her girlfriends one night. Serve the drinks like there is NO tomorrow and then wait to see what happens.
After everyone is liquored up, tell them there is now going to be a Boob measurement contest. Have them each remove their tops and hand each of them a measuring tape. The idea here is to have each of them measure the OTHERS boobs.
If all goes according to Hoyle and your partner is Bi, she will be all over her friends boobs like salt in the Dead Sea. Once the ball gets rolling, it’s YOUR turn to step in and help matters along. Good luck and for YOUR sake, I hope she is indeed Bi. Have fun…
Dear Sooz:
My hair color is light brown but my privates are Strawberry Blond. Is this Normal?
Dear Multicolored:
OK…I must admit this is a BIT STRANGE. Have you been this way all your life or did you just notice it recently? If you have been this way all your life I really wouldn’t be too concerned. After all, some people have two different eye colors like cats and they live a normal functioning life.
IF however this has been something recent, I suggest you question your partner. If he or she is a practical joker this could have occurred while you were passed out drunk one night. I know because this has happened to ME several times. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you the rainbow of colors I have had down there.
If this really bothers you, just get some hair dye and just dye it back to the color on your head. OR, if you LIKE being a strawberry blond, just Dye your head hair the same color. This should cake care of your problem until your NEXT bender. I hope this has helped.
Until Later…

8 thoughts on “Just Ask Sooz

  1. Good 3 way ideas. I always like the strip poker way too. The guy or guys pace themselves with the alcohol while ensuring the ladies drink themselves into a stupor. Also cheat. When the ladies would go to the restroom(they always go in groups) check their cards. That way they end up naked while the guys are in differing phases of undress. At that point, commence partay! 😀 I was so evil in my 18-30 years…. heh heh heh


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