Can Cauliflower Be Funny


I just got through reading an article in and Becca, the sites owner, was challenged to write something FUNNY about Cauliflower. She didn’t. Was it because there is NOTHING funny about Cauliflower? Perhaps…But, I decided I would give it the old college try and see if  SOMEHOW I couldn’t make that BORING vegetable sound funny.

I sat and sat…I even drank and drank to the point of intoxication, still NOTHING. Now, usually when I am good and drunk, I can make ANYTHING sound funny…I thought about funny fairytales, funny one liners like…

What’s black and white and red all over?
A Nun who is severely bleeding.

Hell…I even thought of how to make bad sex funny…But Cauliflowers…NOTHIN’. Finally, after WAY to much thinking AND alcohol, I decided that Cauliflowers are just NOT funny. Now TOMATOES…There’s a funny fruit. It IS a fruit right?

I mean they are small and soft, they can be represented as breasts, as in “She has a pair of GREAT Tomatoes.” It rolls like a ball and splats when hit. You can eat them like an apple OR, just throw them at houses on Halloween. Cauliflowers are just plain BORRRRRRING…

Soooooo…I must admit, Becca, I give up, There is just absolutely NOTHING funny about this WORTHLESS damn plant. I am NEVER eating another Cauliflower in my life just because  they have caused me so much mental anguish. Shrugs shoulders and just goes back to drinking.

Rats EATING Cauliflower…“Oh…just never mind Sooz, give it up.”

Until Later…

9 thoughts on “Can Cauliflower Be Funny

  1. There was a mummy cauliflower, daddy cauliflower and baby cauliflower. One day, baby cauliflower was playin in the cauliflower street with his cauliflower ball in the cauliflower world. Baby cauliflower accidentally threw his cauliflower ball in the cauliflower road, when he was hit by a cauliflower car. “Cauliflower, Cauliflower, Cauliflower”. A cauliflower ambulance came rushing down the cauliflower street. At this time, mummy and daddy cauliflower came running over the cauliflower hill and went with baby cauliflower to the cauliflower hospital. It was a long wait. Doctor Cauliflower, “Mr. Cauliflower, Ms. Cauliflower, I’m afraid your son is going to be a cabbage”.

    Where did the cauliflower go to have a few beers?
    The Salad Bar!

    What do you get if you cross a dog with a daisy?
    A colli-flower.

    What is the difference between cauliflower and snot?
    Kids will eat their snot!

    That’s all I got…

    Here, but I seen this the other day…


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