I Should Have Called A Repairman


I thought I would share this with all of you do it your selfers out there. My dishwasher wasn’t cleaning very well so instead of calling a repairman, I got out my handy dandy “Fix It All Book“.

For those of you who MIGHT be wondering why I just didn’t call the repairman, let me tell you. I believe I am a VERY smart and capable young (Well Middle Aged) woman who should be able to read a Fargin Book about repair and then FIX said repair.

That being said, the first thing I did was read what MAY be causing the problem. The book suggested that It might just be a few EASY fixes like re-running the dishwasher while empty to flush it out…BZZZZZZZZZ…  Next, it said try cleaning the filter…Did it…NOTHING. Try different dishwashing detergents…BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…

Finally, it said check the Inlet valve. Now…I have no more idea what an inlet valve is than I do about what a carburetor on a car does. I checked the degree of difficulty in the book for the test and repair, (If needed), and it said Medium. I KNEW I wouldn’t even attempt it if it said difficult, but MEDIUM, how hard could it be???

I got out all the tools I need for the repair:

* Volt Meter Thingy
* Screwdriver Whatchamacallit
* Hammer Doohickey
* Wrenches
* Sand Blaster (Just in case)
* Bottle of Vodka and Cranberry Juice (In case I might need some encouragement).

Now I was ready to play Repair Woman. I unscrewed the kick plate, (Don’t ask), Found my inlet valve with 2 hoses and 4 electrical wires attached to it. I looked at it and somehow just KNEW this wasn’t gonna be good. Using the Volt meter Thingy, I tested it and sure enough it was bad. I felt SOOOOO proud of myself.
I went to the store and bought the new valve and brought it home to install. I followed the book to the letter. The only problem was I couldn’t get the darn screws OFF…Assuming they were stripped, I got my drill and screwed the HELL out of them until I got them out.

Next I unplugged the wires, (power off of course), and removed the old valve. Unfortunately, I FORGOT to put a pan underneath before I did that and guess what…Water is now coming out everywhere. Now I was  soaked, PISSED OFF, and I just wanted to put the new one in.

I reconnected everything as shown, put the kick plate back on (I just LOVE that word…KICK PLATE), and ran a load. Yup…You guessed it, water started pouring out of that thing like the Dam had just broken. I cleaned up the mess, threw the book across the room, took a few GOOD hits on my Vodka and Cran., THEN… I called the repairman.

Anyone wanna buy a Repair Book??? Just askin‘…

Until Later…

19 thoughts on “I Should Have Called A Repairman

  1. Silly Sooz! Here I thought you would have called the repairman, changed into your loveliest Overcoat and waited with bated breath for him to “snake” the drain as they say. Then of course posted how you corrupted the poor repairman and posted action shots on your Facespace or MyTweet. 🙂 Was that incorrect of me to assume?


  2. Just for the record, I’ve bought plenty of do-it-yourself books, and read them carefully before attempting any home repair. The problem is, the book explains how to do anything in three easy steps, but never tells you what to do if something goes wrong. (And to quote from the movie Moonstruck, “something always goes wrong.”)

    By the way, you know how to use a volt meter thingy? I’m impressed. And intimidated.


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