A Conversation With My Vagina


Me: So VJ what do you think…Fur or Fur-less?

VJ: I would say it all depends on the weather where you live. For example, if you live in Arizona, then I would prefer Furless. If I lived in say Greenland, I think WITH fur is the way to go.

Me: For Nookie, which is better, Male, Female or BOTH?

VJ: Well, Sooz, everyone is different. Let’s take YOU for example. You enjoy the deep thrust from Mr. Happy, yet you ALSO enjoy the soft touch from the female lips and fingers. Believe it or not, SOME VJ’s like the same sex while OTHERS enjoy the OPPOSITE sex.

Me: Tell me, What arouses you?

VJ: Oh, that’s easy. I just love it when a man helps me with the cleaning. I love it when he does the dishes, vacuums, or does the wash. I immediately start to go into “tingle” mode then.

Me: Are you saying that you are more apt to want sex when he does these things?

VJ: Oh ABSOLUTELY!!! There is NOTHING sexier than a man workin’ his ass off for me.

Me: Interesting. What kind of stimulation helps you have the biggest “O”?

VJ: I LOVE a man or a woman who is a good kisser.  Nothing keeps the flame going like Deep passionate kisses with lots of soft tongue touching.

ME: Which do you enjoy more, G spot or Clitoral orgasms?

VJ: Actually, I am kinda selfish. The best “O” is from G spot WITH clitoral touch. If I had to choose though, it would be G spot stimulation. The problem is, most guys are like searching for the needle in the proverbial haystack trying to find it.

Me: So are you GLAD you’re a VJ or would you rather be a Mr. Happy?

VJ: Are you KIDDING me? I would MUCH rather be a VJ because I can get as many Mr. Happy’s as I want Just by BEING a VJ.

Me: OH…Blushing…Well thank you for talking with me…

VJ: Anytime, the pleasure was all mine.

Until Later…


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