The Advantages Women Think Being a Man Has


                                        Are You LISTENING TO ME???

Ho boy…here we go again, (looks over shoulder to see if any men are close by), just a reminder…This is ONLY my opinion, SURE, it’s CORRECT, but I just had to say it so that people wouldn’t think I’d done several hundred hours of research on this. Actually, I did do research…I sat down, asked myself, Sue…“What advantages do you think being a man has”, then, I decided to write this post, NUFF said.

First order of business would be salary. Now guys, (well some of you anyway), I know what you’re gonna say, “We NEED it Sue…We have a family to support. Well LA DE STINKIN’ DA. “I” have an addiction to feed”. There I said it…I’m a BINGO whore. I NEED my bingo money just as much as YOU need to feed your family. Why should YOU be all comfy and such when I have to scrape by making 50k LESS for the same job??? Answer me THAT Batman. Sorry…Just got a little Verklempt there for a minute.

Why should we get paid less money if we’re doing the same job? I don’t get it. Again this is just MY opinion. I’m SURE the GOVERNMENT has a perfectly LOGICAL explanation as to WHY we should starve. Ohhhhhmmmmmm…Counting to ten… AHHH 10…

Secondly, how about the double standard thingy? Why is it that GUYS can take a 150 women to bed and everything is just Hunky Dory? Yet if WE do the same thing, WE’RE TRAMPS? Does THAT sound right here to you? Come on here gals…CHANT with me…More Men…More men…There…I feel better now…I’m actually gonna go out and sleep with a whole bunch of guys tonight just so I feel better. I think the football team is in town tonight. Damn that makes me mad. Oh…Wait…This wasn’t SUPPOSED to be a rant, NEVER MIND!!!

Last but not least, The grooming issue. OMG…How many times ladies have we said this, It takes guys like 15 minutes to get ready for basically ANY function. It takes US like 2 hours. I mean doing our hair ALONE is enough time to start World War 3, conclude it, and THEN, order out for a pizza to the winning Country. Yes…WE envy you for this.

So…Here’s the clue guys…The next time you take us out for a fancy evening and wanna know WHY were LATE…It’s because it takes us so F**KING long to get ready. DEAL with it. Just tell us how nice we look , don’t say anything if we’re just a couple hours late, and enjoy the evening. Chances are, if you do, we may just have a treat for you afterwards…Just sayin.

Until later…

12 thoughts on “The Advantages Women Think Being a Man Has

  1. Another advantage we have is the lack of clothing options. Pants, shirt and shoes. Heck, my closet is mostly full of jeans and polo shirts. I have four pairs of shoes. Two pair for work. One pair for exercise. One for picking up dog poop and mowing the lawn. That’s about it. On my wife’s side of the closet, however, there are a PILE of shoes, tons of dresses, a whole menagerie of outfits. I think I have like three dress shirts and a couple pairs of slacks in case I need to “dress up.” And one jacket – just in case. No wonder it takes her so long to get ready. There are too many options!


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