How Does One Develop Brilliant Blog Ideas


Many people have asked me, “Sue, where do you get all of your creative ideas.” Usually I just slough it off and say that I am just a brilliant creative genius or, I just sit down to write and the ideas just float into my head. One tenth of one percent of what I have just written is true.

 The OTHER (Let’s see…carry the 4, subtract 2 add then divide by 100), is usually just staring at the computer screen for a bazillion minutes until I finally find an old Art Buchwald article from the 60’s I figure no one has REMEMBERED.

Just to give you an idea of HOW I come up with an idea, let me show you what usually happens. The following is the % of time I spend on each thingy before I actually get a creative idea.

  1. 1.          Stare at computer screen—35%
  2. 2.          Get up to pee—2%
  3. 3.          File fingernails—2%
  4. 4.          Get a snack to eat—5%
  5. 5.          Watch YouTube clips of funny drunks—3%
  6. 6.          Trying to remember why I write humor blogs anyway—10%
  7. 7.          Get another snack…I NEED the creative juices flowing don’t I—3%
  8. 8.          Get up to pee again…NO I’m NOT pregnant—2%
  9. 9.          Try and beat my high score in Donkey Kong—20%

10. Trying to make sure the %’s here add up to 100%–2%

11. Reading first draft and completely starting over—10%

12. Finding Art Buchwald’s article from the 80’s and rewrite it—6%

As you can see it’s NOT an easy process. Hell, I don’t even KNOW if the above actually even totals 100%. But, then again, math was never my strong suit, English was. The IMPORTANT thing to take away from all of this is that no matter WHAT your routine, have a SNACK. Hey, it can’t hurt right?

Until Later…

16 thoughts on “How Does One Develop Brilliant Blog Ideas

  1. You actually plan out what you’re going to write? Interesting…I just sit down, let my fingers dance around for about 5 minutes, and then publish whatever ends up on the screen. Your idea has some merit, though…


  2. I was a big Art Buchwald fan as well. Another great humorist, S.J. Perelman, said he couldn’t believe how Buchwald managed to write three columns a week. And speaking of theft, Perelman said that as a young writer he stole so freely from Ring Lardner that he shold have been arrested.


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