Why Do Men Hardly Ever Talk to Us


This has always been a mystery for me. While I’m sure there are some men out there who could talk a blue streak, (Whatever the Hell that means), MOST guys will limit their conversations to ONE sentence answers or less. Seriously…It’s like they have GLASS in their mouths or something and they don’t wanna talk for fear they will cut themselves.

Women on the other hand LIKE conversation. That’s how we get to know someone and understand how they FEEL about things. Now I UNDERSTAND that you guys aren’t into all that touchy feely and FEELING stuff, but at LEAST talk to us.

We (Women) are GREAT at making conversation. We LIKE to know everything there is to know about a person. That’s why it is so FRUSTRATING for us when we speak to you and wait for your reply; it comes back to us in six words or less.

Now, being in advertising, I have studied COUNTLESS hours on this subject to try and get a better perspective on my clients. OK, you caught me, I DIDN’T spend countless hours on this BUT, I HAVE read a book on conversation and here is what it recommends.

Ask opened questions when talking with men. With Women, it really doesn’t matter. WE will tell you our whole life stories just by saying hi. Men however need to have to THINK before they answer. Men don’t LIKE to think so that is why their responses are so short. Make them think about their answers by asking the open ended question.

For example, don’t just ask “How are you”, ‘cause the answer will be “GOOD.” Instead, ask, “In 50 word or MORE, describe how your physical wellbeing affects your OUTLOOK on life.” See, THAT way they have to THINK about a response and you will get a much longer answer.

Use the Mirroring technique. Repeat BACK to them everything they just said and ask if that was what they had in mind, or were they referring to something else. Again, this will help them THINK and PLUS, if they screw up, you can forever harass remind them. Try it, you will find that talking with a man will be much more enjoyable for BOTH of you. Shoot, You MAY even get to KNOW them.

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13 thoughts on “Why Do Men Hardly Ever Talk to Us

  1. My wife has tried everything. Regardless of the question or how it was framed, I still give small answers. Unless of course I choose to talk. Usually at times when she doesn’t want to. It is a fun game. And I always win! 🙂


  2. Hey, we’ll talk to you. You just have to pick topics we want to talk about. Have you tried asking us about the Monday Night Football game? Other times, we’re quiet because we’re not actually paying attention and are just staring at your boobs. Don’t take it personally. It’s not our fault you have a great rack!


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