The Art of Getting What You Want


Everyone WANTS to get what he/she wants…ALL the time. Oh come on, I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have to get my way ALL the time Sue.” To that I say “Poppycock”, we’re Human. We want to have what we want, AND what we think we CAN’T have.

I’m going to part with some of my VAST knowledge on this subject so you can have your own way a lot more.



  1. Whine…That’s right, you heard me…WHINE… If you need something really bad and you’re afraid you’re NOT going to get your way, TRY it. I have ALWAYS found that this seems to work. Really get into it though. Ex. Let’s say you wanna go out with your friends but your significant other doesn’t want you to. In your most pitiful voice, Say it like this: “But Honnnney, I Reeeeeeeaaaallly Neeeeeeed this for my Sanity…” I guarantee you that you will be with your friends shortly.


2.  If you’re a woman…CRY. If you’re a man…POUT…Again guaranteed results. No one wants to upset you and see you cry, or, if you’re a guy have to deal with your childish pouting.


3.  The Promise of Sex—This works for BOTH men AND women, although, men are usually more susceptible for this ploy. Just give them your BIGGEST smile and say: “There’s a little treat for you in the bedroom later.” If however you are older than dirt and no longer have an interest in Sex, revert back to number 1 or 2.

4.  Possitive Mental Attitude—When you ask for something, maintain a very positive and confident attitude as if your response is ALREADY yes. By using this approach you will win a lot more arguments and have your way a lot more. You will find that your husband/wife/boyfriend or girlfriend will be DUMBFOUNDED by your confidence and won’t even THINK about NOT giving you your own way. TRY it, you’ll LIKE it…

There are a few other ways that can accomplish this goal but for now let’s just stick with the four above. I think you will find that by using one or ALL of these methods, your life will improve 100%. I wish you Success…

Until Later…


8 thoughts on “The Art of Getting What You Want

  1. The promise of sex will work every time. You don’t even have to say anything, though. It’s even easier than that. If you wear something that shows a lot of cleavage and then you ask me to do something, rest assured that it will get done. If fact, I won’t even mind doing it because I’m still focused on the mental image of your cleavage that I’m storing for later use.


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