Ten Ways to Effectively Pick Your Nose


10.)    With a pair of industrial sized booger pliers.

9.)     Heavy duty tweezers with a 50 lb. weight limit.

8.)     Having a friend help you out.

7.)     The 2 finger approach, justifying the saying: “Two fingers are always
Better than one“.

6.)     Using Vaseline…This loosens boogers so you can effectively
Use either Number 1 or Number 2.

5.)     Waiting for them to just fall out…OK…This one isn’t effective
So just disregard it.

4.)     OK…I was gonna say Axe Pick but that really doesn’t sound
To effective either….Does it?

3.)      Waiting at a stop light in your car.

2.)      Using super glue, attach to boogers…Wait until dry, pull out.

And…the number one way to effectively pick your nose: Tie some dental floss around your boogers; then tie the other side to a heavy duty truck (Like a Ford 150).  Have a friend gun the hell out of the truck and VOILA…No More Boogers…

Until Later…

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