Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I’m a little embarrassed to write about this but I need your advice. Every year I go and have a breast exam and it has always been done by females. Last week when I went to be examined, a male nurse was sent in to give me the exam. I was extremely uncomfortable and wondered if you think it would have been OK to request a female nurse to give the exam instead. What are your thoughts?

Bare Breasted Betty


Dear Bare Breasted:

This is a tough one for me because personally, I LIKE to have my breasts examined by men. In FACT, I always flirt with them and hope to get a date out of it later for FURTHER examination. But…We are talking about YOU here.

I would say this; male nurses see patients all the time and are properly trained professionals. They go through a rigorous training and I am sure see hundreds of female breasts. I mean to THEM, they are just looking at two more beautiful, soft, touchable, visions of loveliness… I mean two mounds of flesh.

You are CERTAINLY within your rights however to request a female nurse to examine you. Simply explain that you are UNCOMFORTABLE with him seeing you with your soft, beautiful, touchable breasts exposed, and you would like a female to do the exam.

If for some reason they’re no female nurses available, you have two choices.

  • Let the male nurse examine them.
  • Run out of there like a scared little girl.

I sincerely hope this helps you.

Dear Sooz:

I recently discovered that my husband (Lets just call him Dick Head), has been having an affair. We have been married for 46 years and he has never once complained about our sex life.

While it’s true that we only have sex once a year, it seems to always be satisfying and he has never complained. I love Dick Head and just want to regain his love again. What should I do?

Distressed and Dickless:


Dear Distressed:

We BOTH know the problem here DON”T we??? Dick Head is looking around because he NEEDS to get LAID more than once a year. If you want to win him back, I suggest you Lie on your back with a “come hither” look 7 days a week and PUT OUT DAMNIT!!! Men need sex to feel loved. I KNOW…I don’t get it either but that’s just Human Biology. Don’t try and fight it. Get some skimpy low cut dresses and some sexy perfume and WORK it girl. I believe you will see he will change his mind. Good Luck.

Until Later…
















2 thoughts on “Just Ask Sooz

  1. I understand the uncomfortable exam situation. Believe it or not, when I had a vasectomy (wait, that’s not the unbelievable part) several years ago (wait, THAT’s not it, either), a female nurse came in to the do “prep” work. I was a little uncomfortable with it and she noticed, asking if I would prefer a male nurse for this part. I said yes, thank you — and she obliged, sending in who I still believe was Clay Aiken. Lesson learned 😦


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