Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

My husband is bald and wears a toupee. The problem is,  it is a very bad rug. When we are out, people stare and laugh at him. I feel bad for him and have told him that he ought to get a better piece.

 Seriously, his hairpiece looks like he is wearing a RAT that just came through a Hurricane. I have told him about this but he maintains it FEELS great on his head and that I am just being silly.

How can I persuade him that I am right and convince him to get a better hairpiece?

Follically Challenged Wife in Charlotte


Dear Follically Challenged:

First of all, let me just say that “bald is beautiful”. Let him know you love him for WHO he is and not because of his toupee. Convince him that “grass doesn’t grow on a busy street”. Compliment his bald head and let him know how sexy he is without having to wear ANY hairpiece. Then, tell him if he ever wears that rag again you will use it to mop the floor.

Explain to him that other options are available. He can have a hair transplant if he has enough hair on the back of his head, OR possibly get a weave. There are some very nice looking toupees out there that are virtually undetectable. Have him check out one of these options.

One other option I can recommend is the Chia Pet Hair Look. Simply rub some dirt on your husband’s head, plant the seeds, and water amply. With true Chia Pet results, within 3 days he should have a BEAUTIFUL head of hair, grass. Sure it will be GREEN but it will fit naturally to his scalp and will FEEL great.

I sincerely hope this helps you…


Dear Sooz:

I’m writing you because I THINK I may have a problem. I seem to be drinking quite a bit and I am beginning to think I MIGHT be an alcoholic. I usually have two or three drinks when I first get up, a couple at lunch, and then get fully blown wasted when I get home.

Friends have said I should go to AA but I’m not sure I am ready to completely give up alcohol at this point. What do YOU think?

Tipsy Tara


Dear Tipsy:

This is a hard one for me because I myself like to also tip a few back. If the truth be told, I am drunk as I am writing this reply. MY view is this. If we weren’t supposed to drink, we wouldn’t have discovered HOW to distill fruits and grains right???

I too have been told I should go to AA but there are just too many damn steps. I mean come on, 12…WTF!!! You’ve gotta be kidding me. I would get through the first five and then be DRUNK again. I mean as Cyndi Lauper says…Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. That’s MY opinion also.

If you feel you NEED to stop drinking because it is affecting your life, I would say do so, otherwise…Cheers…HIC!!!





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