Chances Are, He’s Just Not That Into You


For many women, we do whatever we can to catch a guy we like and then keep him. Guys…If this sounds a little like HUNTING, it is. We stalk our prey; “accidentally” meet up with you at some bar or other event, dazzle you with our feminine wilds, and then go in for the kill.

Like a deer in headlights, he usually has NO idea what is really happening. Every once in a while however, the many charms we display just don’t seem to take hold. Here are some sure fire hints that the guy just isn’t that into you.

  • You ask if he likes kids and he jokingly answers YES…Covered in chocolate sauce.
  • You give him your number and he NEVER calls you. This is a balls on giveaway that he MIGHT not be that into you.
  • You dazzle him with your SPARKLING conversation while HE checks out other women.
  • He cancels your dates at the last minute with excuses like he has to visit a DEAD aunt or other relative.
  • He tells you that he IS into you BUT he needs to have his own SPACE. What IS he a freakin’ DOG? If he says this, tell him he can have ALL the space he wants…ON THE MOON!!!
  • He NEVER remembers the important things you tell him like…Your favorite song, your favorite drink…Your NAME…
  • He always wants to take you out to some dark remote place where no one can ever see you together. Chances are if THIS happens, he IS into your BODY and NOT you. That’s what his wife is for.
  • He tells you he is Gay but you KNOW he has dated OTHER WOMEN. This is a common ploy and you should walk away immediately.
  • He wants you to cook, do his laundry and asks you to continually do things for him. RUN for the hills…This guy needs his MOTHER and NOT you. Once a mommy’s boy, ALWAYS a Momma’s boy. Buy him a rattle or a stuffed animal and say see ya later amigo.
  • He just wants to be FRIENDS??????? WTF??? Tell him you have a LOT of friends and you need a man who will share your life NOT just go to BALL GAMES with him. If he DOES tell you this, tell him thanks but no thanks and RUN just as fast as you can.


We all want to be in a successful relationship and have a partner we can lean on and trust. Believe me, there IS someone out there for all of us. Just watch for the signs above and if you find that you are involved with one of these, cut the string and MOVE ON. Hope this helps you.


Until Later…





22 thoughts on “Chances Are, He’s Just Not That Into You

  1. Victim, victim, victim.

    Accused of “playing the victim”; which I guess is partially true since a permitted these behaviors,

    Guilty of playing “mother”. Guilty of allowing myself to stay “under the radar”. Guilty of sticking w someone because I “didn’t know, wasn’t sure” when THAT is a sign I’m just not that into him.

    Sooo, why do I still miss him?


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