So…Let’s Talk About New Year’s Eve


So…Let’s Talk About New Year’s Eve. I have a pretty big house which can accommodate many people, but, I only invited the “immediate” WORLD. While I CAN cook, there was going to be over 50 people there so I decided to have it catered. That way, I could concentrate more on my guests and DRINKING and spend less time slaving away in the kitchen. Plus, I decided that REAL ordure’s and food like beef, chicken, and some kind of fancy spaghetti would be better than pigs in a blanket… And I’m NOT talking about my DATES when I say that either.

I hired a band that could play ANYTHING from Country and Western to Justin Bieber (although they DIDNT ‘cause I DETEST Justin Bieber). I had enough alcohol to open my OWN tavern, clean sheets on all the beds, (Hey, you never know), and condoms BY the beds.

People started arriving at around six and by seven, everyone was there. Now I’m a game player and so are my friends so we each got some food and drinks and started playing Charades. I really LOVE that game ‘cause you can act like a fool and it’s OK. MY card was Elizabeth Taylor, (Go figure RIGHT)??? I must confess while acting her out I was a “LITTLE” Tipsy so I MAY not have done the character as best I could BUT…Once I pretended humping every guest there, people guessed it. Ahhhhh….Good Times…

Next we played Trivial Pursuit (I’m very good) and won it hands down. Hey…It was MY party RIGHT??? I remember wearing a top hat and blowing my noise maker at Midnight but THEN, things begin to get fuzzy. I remember kissing several people and I think I MAY have FLASHED some people too, although I am a little fuzzy on this part.

I woke up ALONE on New Year’s Day on the floor, with a blanket covering me and a pillow under my head. I haven’t received any negative phone calls YET so I guess everyone had a good time. I KNOW I did.

Okay…I have to go now and feed my hangover with lots of aspirin and plenty of Gatorade. I hope EVERYBODY had a good time and I wish everyone a very Happy New Year.



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