10 Things I am NOT Going to do Today


10.    Have lunch with Brad Pitt…Damn Angelina has him WRAPPED around her finger.

 9.     Play guitar with Eric Clapton…He’s having lunch with Brad Pitt.

 8.     Watch a Hockey game…Pension Funds??? Really??? Don’t they already make like a half BILLION dollars a year? Why can’t THEY invest it…Gheese…

 7.     Get Married…Hey….One of these days…Ya never know…

 6.     Get Drunk…OK…I lied about this one…Sue Me…

 5.     Climb Mt. Everest…Can’t today; I have a meeting tomorrow, maybe NEXT week.

 4.     Lay NAKED in my tub with a glass of wine and Coldplay blasting. Nah…I need a partner for that… Any TAKERS????

 3.     Do exotic BIRD calls…I’d LIKE to but I don’t KNOW any. SIGH…

 2.     Write a letter to a convict…I WOULD but all the GOOD ones are already taken.

1.      Have sex with at least 3 people…Come on…You REALLY didn’t think I could NOT do that did you? Who are you KIDDING? They are already HERE now…Again…Sue ME…:)

Until Later…


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