New York City Driving Rules Explained


Having done MUCH traveling to NYC, there came a point that I would have to rent a car. Much to my surprise, the rules of driving in NYC are much different than ANY other part of the US. Let me just explain a few…

Driving on the sidewalk is OK IF you REALLY need to get somewhere fast. The best thing to do is get behind an ambulance or Police car and just follow them.  They’re ALWAYS driving on the sidewalks.

STOPPING at stop signs is merely a SUGGESTION in NYC. I discovered this while almost being engaged in 5 accidents. You merely LOOK to see who the larger car or truck is and then proceed accordingly.

The pedestrian has the right of way…BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ… No he doesn’t. There are Soooooo many people in NYC, it becomes a walker beware sort of mentality. Why do you think so many people take the Subway??? They’re just trying to stay the HELL away from all the cars on the sidewalk.

Oh and red lights…Paleeeeeease…They are only there as a pretty decorative ornament. No one actually USES them the way God and Nature intended them to be used. The thought process here is, “Can I make it to the next block without getting caught in traffic.” If you can’t, you stop.

 If there is even a REMOTE chance you might make it, the rule of thumb is GUN it. Do what the Taxis do, swerve left and right as many times as possible so people will think you are from Afghanistan and get the Hell out of your way. I mean we all know that 99% of the Taxi drivers from New York are sleeper Taliban Cells just waiting for the chance when they can be activated. What better way to sharpen their skills than to drive a Taxi? OKAY…No Letters here about the Taliban people…It was a Joke…

Yup, New York is a unique place to drive. If you need help before you take a trip there, just write me at Sooz’s Kamakaze driving school in care of Phoenix, AZ. I will be GLAD to help you with all the driving tips necessary to get you around the City safely. Yeah…GOOD LUCK…

Until Later…


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