What I Know About Ironing


Nata, Zilch, Goose Egg, Zero, Absolutely NOTHING.

There, now I can write about what I REALLY came here to discuss…HIDING PLACES. Just in case you’re wondering, NO I am NOT running from the cops because I just robbed a bank or something, I’m talking about Hide and Go Seek Hiding Places.

I’m sure as a kid you played hide and seek occasionally didn’t you? Or even now, you might play it with your grandkids, friend’s kids, or perhaps even with those Seniors at the Nursing Home.

When I was a kid (3 years ago), don’t laugh or I’ll CUT you, I used to have the BEST hiding place EVER. I used to play Hide and Go Seek all the time.  You know WHAT, I was NEVER found. I always thought it was because I had the best hiding place EVER, BUT, as I grew older, I thought it MAY have been because after they didn’t find me immediately like the other kids, they just GAVE UP and stopped looking.

Okay, Okay, I KNOW you’re curious as to WHERE this Hiding place was so I’ll tell you. My girlfriend Doris used to be a papergirl and she had a paper box in front of her house. Now for those of you who may not KNOW what I’m talking about, it was a wooden box that sat in front of your house where the news trucks would drop off papers for the paper boys and girls to deliver. I was small for my age, so I could open the box, get inside, and just let the world go by.

Finally, when I couldn’t hear any noise, I would open the box and run like HELL for home base. I was NEVER caught. Sometimes I would even dream about BEING a bank robber and then using the paper box as a hideout. Of course, at 8, you don’t THINK about stuff like you need FOOD and WATER, ‘cause you’ve got the BEST Hideout EVER.

It’s funny what you remember as you get older isn’t it? Even to this day I hold the record in my town for NEVER being caught. I never became a bank robber of course, but I still wonder sometimes…”What If”, was the paper box still available?

Until Later…



22 thoughts on “What I Know About Ironing

  1. I had a habit of checking my best hiding spots which would give myself away when it was my turn to hide….

    But here’s a favourite quote of Anon… “Let’s play hide and seek. If you can find me, you can kiss me. If you can’t, I’m in the closet.”


  2. the funniest thing was when my kids were younger (under 5) they would hide in the same exact spots all the time. it’s your turn to count and then my daughter would go hide where her brother just hid and would giggle. My son would then hide where his sister hid and giggle. It became challenging to look in new spots to avoid finding them so quickly! “Ohhh, not here” especially in a small condo! 🙂 I miss those days. I was the worst hider, of course, I was 6 years younger than my cousins…so I was always IT…I could never catch anyone, so quickly gave up…

    Still fun…

    First time visiting! Come see me at my end of the blog-o-sphere!

    Lake Forest, CA


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