Worst Date Ever


I was reading a blog about having The WORST DATE EVER, and I decided I would steal   forever borrow the same idea. Check out ladyornot.com for Becca’s worst date.

I was in college at the time and didn’t usually date. Not because I wasn’t GREAT looking ‘cause I was, I was just a workaholic (kind of like I am now), and more focused on school. I made an exception though when the SMOC (Stud Muffin on Campus), decided to ask me out. He had been trying for a few weeks to date me, but I always kept putting him off saying I had a test or an early class the next morning.

I have to admit, he WAS a looker and every woman at school DROOLED every time he walked by them. I, of course, was no different so when he asked me out this one afternoon I said yes. He said he’d pick me up at 8:00 and that we would have a great evening. Little did I know that this was gonna be the date from Hell.

First off, he arrived 20 minutes late.  Now, anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I am a stickler about time and as such; I was already fuming and about ready to shred his jewels. I had taken a long time getting all gussied up in my lower cut but TASTEFUL dress, hey; I wanted him to notice me.

He, on the other hand, was dressed in torn Jeans, a Western shirt, and was wearing a ten gallon Cowboy hat. I KNEW I was in trouble. I asked where we were goin’ and he said it was a surprise. We got to his car, and USUALLY the guy will be a gentleman and open the door for me…BZZZZZZZZZZZ……Okay I thought, 20 min. late and NOW, no manners. GREAT!!!

We arrived at a local Country and Western Dive called Smokin’ Joes and were led to a table. He ordered us some drinks and just sat there as quiet as a mouse. I tried to stimulate some conversation but it seemed all HE wanted to do was drink and check out the other women.

I was VERY uncomfortable, everyone here was dressed in Country attire and here I am sticking out like a sore thumb in my nice low cut dress. I was starving but all he ordered for the table were some chicken wings and more drinks. Now I have a rule that I always stick to…No FOODAY Now…No BOOTAY later. About an hour in, he was drunk and I was starving. No way was I letting this piece of work touch me OR drive me home.


I turned to him, (Over the loud noise from the Mechanical Bull Whoopin’ and Hollerin’), and I told him I wasn’t feelin’ well. He was flabbergasted and said that he would take me home. I refused, called a cab, and got the HELL outta there just as fast as I could.

Several times after that, (let’s just call him ASSHOLE), tried asking me out, and finally I just told him that it would be a COLD day in HELL before I would ever say yes.

I guess each of us has to experience the agony and defeats of the Troll before we meet our Prince. As for ME, I’m still lookin’.

Until Later…

15 thoughts on “Worst Date Ever

  1. He knew he didn’t have to do anything since he’s the SMOC. Most girls probably throw their panties at him when he just sits there drinking and looking at other woman. Well, he ‘knew’ wrong when it came to you!


  2. That’s why he wanted to go out with you again, you were a challenge saying no a few times in the beginning..and then finally agreeing, and then not acting like the other girls, but leaving the date, and then refusing to go on any others. That had to have been a blow to him…or maybe he was so nervous, he didn’t know what to say. I went on a date, where he didn’t talk and finally I asked him why and he said I made him nervous.



  3. It’s a good thing that you told that guy to fuck off. You deserve better than some asshole who asks you on a date and then looks at other women while being a complete bastard. I hate men who think that women are just some sort of accessory or challenge. Men like him should be blown of the face of this planet if you ask me. And every girl who drooled over him must be an idiot.


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