What Would a Caterpillar do if it Didn’t Want to Become a Butterfly


Okay…You probably already guessed that I’m on the verge of Tipsydom. Some of the topics I come up with HAVE to be the direct result of alcohol. Certainly THIS is one of those topics.

So…Pretend you’re a caterpillar and you just LOVE being a caterpillar. You KNOW that you’re going to have to go through that ugly Chrysalis stage and you just don’t wanna change. I mean after all, as a caterpillar you can eat and eat till your heart’s content WITHOUT getting fat. Who wouldn’t love THAT right?

You can climb leaves all day, sit and bask in the sun and just, well, be a caterpillar. So one day, you’re crawling along from leaf to leaf and you decide, “Hey. I don’t WANT to be a Butterfly. I mean after all, they only LIVE for a freakin’ month at BEST. Being a caterpillar, I can live a LOT longer. Who wants wings anyway?”

Oh sure, we have our bad days too, like when we get through playing Tennis with our friends and our feet ache. Try SOAKING all of THOSE feet. AYE CARRUMBA…

 Also, we have to be VERY careful and watch out for our predators. Those little fly bastards are always trying to scoop us up. Luckily, we can make ourselves look poisonous to them, OR; just drop from our leaves using our silk threads. See how good BUTTERFLIES are at evading predators. Their beautiful wings and always flitting from flower to flower…HELLLLLLLO….Can YOU say STUPID????

That’s why I say “Caterpillars for Ever, who’s with me???”

Until Later…


The above mentioned post was entirely alcohol infused. Please excuse the poor humor. No letters from AA please…


12 thoughts on “What Would a Caterpillar do if it Didn’t Want to Become a Butterfly

  1. lmao. I came up with a drinking game whilst reading this:

    Everytime you see “caterpillar”, toss back a shot of Patron.
    Every time you see “Butterfly, toss back a double of Patron.
    Everytime you laugh, drink from the bottle

    Okay, I’m back. I fell asleep while typing this. That was a fun drinking game. Wish I remembered the rest of the rules…

    Send me an e-mail. I have a small question I’d like to ask you.


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