My Most Embarrassing Moment


Okay…Here goes. I have never ever told this story until now. Truthfully, I don’t know why I am telling it NOW. OK, once again, I’ve had a few POPS.

It was the summer of ‘94; I was 22 and full of piss and vinegar. I was in college and was studying Business. Let’s be honest here, I was a good looking, hard drinking, NERD. I loved Star Trek, reruns of battle Star Galactica, and any other NERD TV shows you could think of. Well, actually, I didn’t like the reruns of Lost in Space because I always thought the robot was too fake. I mean come on…” Warning Will Robinson” Paleeeeeeeewse……

Anyway, I was in the college pub one night and I had been doing a little “Social” drinking. We were playing a new game of TV trivia and I was very GOOD at this game. Told you I was a NERD…

One guy at my table said if I could guess the NEXT question right, he would pay me 20.00 bucks. If, however, I got it WRONG, I would have to lift up my shirt show him my boobs and “IF” firm enough, sleep with him.

Well, I was VERY confident in my trivial pursuit prowess so I said SURE. There in lied the embarrassment. I will never forget the question. The question WAS…What was Captain Kirk’s Middle name?

The answers that came up on the screen were:

1.)       Liberious

2.)       Tiberious

3.)       Maximus

4.)       Emporious

I chose Liberious. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The correct answer was Tiberious. Not ONLY did I lose the 20.oo bucks, I had to SHOW EVERYONE at the table my Boobs, AND possibly sleep with my bettor. Luckily I was drunk enough and horny enough to do both. I KNEW my boobs were FIRM enough so I would assuredly have to sleep with my bettor.

LUCKILY, my bettor settled for my boob show but still…What an embarrassing moment.

Until Later…embarrassed-woman

16 thoughts on “My Most Embarrassing Moment

  1. You are crazy! but i love how you seemed to always be a fun person to be around. I am a senior this year and I hope that when I go to college I have as much fun as you seemed to have!


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