Who Wants to Play Mini Golf


I LOVE to golf, or at least I did before I screwed up my ankle. I wasn’t all that good BUT, I could STILL break 100 for 18 holes. For those of you who are not Golf enthusiasts, that means I could drink 100 beers by the time 18 holes of Golf were played. Okay, I MIGHT be kidding here BUT, I COULD put away a lot of beer.

My strong suit was never DRIVING the ball, although I might have been better off if I DID. That way I could just drive the ball with the GOLF CART and PLACE it in the cup. My forte was always putting. That’s why I LOVE Mini Golf.

Ahhhh….Mini Golf, the game of Kings, well  not really, Mini Golf wasn’t invented until the early 1900’s but I bet Kings WOULD enjoy it IF they weren’t too busy with well, you know, King stuff.

Personally I enjoy it ‘cause it saves all that tedious walking. I know, walking is supposed to be GOOD for you but 18 LONG Holes…SERIOUSLY??? I mean I could wear out my Shoes doing all that walking. That’s why I enjoy a nice friendly game of Mini Golf. You can play 18 Holes and STILL have time to eat CAKE afterwards without feeling exhausted.

As I explained earlier, putting has always been my strong suit.  Nothing I like better than to line up the hole (cup), test the wind direction, figure the slope of the green, see what COLOR ball you’re using, and then gently tap the ball until it goes effortlessly into the cup.

Sometimes of course with all the Loop De Loops or bends and crevices, you MAY have to CURSE loudly. If THAT doesn’t work, I usually just blame it on the COLOR of the ball I was given. However, if ALL else fails, a SURE FIRE way of feeling better about your game is to just THROW your club as far as you can. Just try and not HIT anyone with it by accident, OTHERWISE you play a whole different game called “Lawyers and Courts.”

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