Humorous Texts


“I saw you on Facebook and I want to make love with you. What do you say? I am good in bed but BETTER on the kitchen table”

“If I sleep with you do I get a free Car Wash?”

“Your proposal for Marriage was just a ploy for Sex right?”

“If I sleep with you will you PROMISE to CALL me tomorrow?”

“The Rabbit died…No No No I’m talking about Fuzzy, my Rabbit…..”

“If you WANTED a threesome, why didn’t you just say you were inviting your Mother over to dinner?”

“When I said I would SCREW with you, I MEANT on the Habitat for Housing Project.”

“If I never SEE your ASS again it will be TOO soon. Your Penis HOWEVER is an entirely different story.”

“Ok, Ok, I BELIEVE you’re the Queen of Sheba, NOW, can I fondle your Boobs?”

“When I said I was PREGNANT, I WAS…Just not with YOUR child.”

Until Later…






4 thoughts on “Humorous Texts

  1. Nice. I have friends that try to play that texting game to “score”. Whatever happened to just walking up to a lady, grabbing her tush and saying “Hey baby, is this seat taken?”. You will either get slapped or ridden like a horse. Win win I say. You get skin whichever way it plays out. 😀


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