Who is You Favorite Comic Strip Character


Why would I come up with a topic like this you ask…Well, because I CAN and I WANTED to see who would respond? I figured that if I went first and made MYSELF look like a fool, then others may not care about feeling foolish.

Okay….Let’s see…My favorite comic strip character would probably have to be a combination between Dilbert and Andy Capp. Hey…You could call me Dilberta Capp.


These characters fit in nicely with my personality. Dilbert on one hand is a smart Geekish type businessman, and I certainly AM a Geekish driven businesswoman. On the OTHER hand, there is Andy Capp, a bar hangin’ drunk who likes to give people S**T. Nuff said…Sound familiar? Ahhhh… It’s GREAT to be the boss.


So, how about YOU? I’ve always said you can tell a lot about a person by two things.

  1. 1.  The kind of friends he/she keeps
  2. 2.  His or her comic strip character

What’s YOUR character? If ya tell me I’ll be glad to analyze you if ya want me to divulge your deepest, darkest secrets. Even if you don’t, I will anyway just so you can see who and WHAT you are on the inside.

I’ll give you an example of my psychological insight. As Dilberta, I am pretty, smart, driven and successful. It shows that I have a type A personality and that I am VERY competitive.

As Andy Cap, it reflects that I am a “Social” individual who likes people and may have a tendency to tip a few too many at times. OK…BACK OFF…I hear what you’re saying to yourselves about my drinking. Not ONLY am I social, I am ALSO Psychic. Hehehehe.  Be CAREFUL of what you are thinking, I’ll tell Santa and you’ll get coal in your stockings next year.

I look forward to your responses so I can analyze you. Don’t be afraid of answering, it’s ONLY a game. I mean only I,( Well OK, maybe the entire internet will know your secrets), but hey, it will be fun RIGHT??? Try me…

Until Later…










27 thoughts on “Who is You Favorite Comic Strip Character

    • You have a creative mind yet probably work in some kind of structured field. You are many times, ( Like Garfield), aloof.

      People look up and respect you. Yo have a leadership quality and you MAY hold some kind of authoritative position.

      You are family oriented and would do anything to protect them. Odds are that you really enjoy Chinese food.


    • This means that you are an old soul. You are highly romantic yet a bit on the chauvinist side. Family is the world to you and you are a hero in their eyes.

      You are creative and intelligent. Has a mind of his own and loves Nature.


    • I know it was a strip written by Murray Ball about a sheep dog and farm life but that’s about all I know about it. I DO know THIS though, the strip ended when Ball’s dog died. Sad but True.
      Thanks for playing.


    • Interesting you picked that one. Did you know that Steve Dallas was the only character that appeared in ALL of Breathed’s strips?

      My guess is that you are a very political minded guy based on your comic strip likes.
      Thanks for playing Guap.


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