Why Do Turtles Live So Long?


At times, I just come up with the craziest of ideas. The other night I was just sitting in my house reading (well…OK, I was watching TV), and a thought just occurred to me. Why to turtles live so long? I know strange hu, it’s just how my mind works.

The average land turtle lives up to 150 years old (That’s like 2000 in dog years), and some live upwards of 200. Wow! Just think of it…200 hundred years old. Man, that’s longer than Methuselah lived. OK…I was just corrected by Google, Methuselah lived to be 969 years old, BUT, in all fairness, I think Methuselah used to EAT land turtles so maybe that’s where he got his longevity from.

What do they do (or don’t do), that we can copy and live to a ripe old age of 200? Just think of it…Life would begin now at say 125 or so. We could still be enjoying all of our favorite sports like …Beer pong, spin the bottle, and have sex without the worry of condoms or birth control pills ‘cause all of us women will have already gone through menopause. Good times.

So anyway, back to the turtles, what do these creatures do that gives them their long lives? Their omnivorous so basically they eat what ever is put before them, kind of like me on steroids. Anyway, they enjoy meal worms, insects, and lots of fruits and vegetables. God…kind of sounds like a dating service doesn’t it. Their dislikes are FAST walks in the park and cars. Think about it… 🙂

I’m not a real fan of meal worms or insects, BUT, I do like fruits and vegetables so just maybe…… Hmmmmm. Hey who knows right? In 75 years or so I might just be sayin’ so ya wanna play some tennis? Oh ya…One more thing, in order to live that long you also need skin like leather and be encased in an extremely hard shell like material.

So…What do ya think? Are ya up for the challenge? Just pass me the lettuce and OK…I’ll try the meal worms.

  Until Later…

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