Got Soap?


Tonight’s topic is about Soap. Raise your hand if you have EVER used soap. I’m sorry, you two tall ones in front with your hands up, please move a little to the left so I can see the REST of the internet…Thank you. So…I see many of you HAVE used soap then, GOOD.

Soap is used primarily in cleaning right? My question is, if soap is supposed to get you clean, then why is it made from animal and or vegetable FATS? I mean doesn’t it seem like you would get you all greasy from the fats as opposed to CLEAN?

OK, I know what you’re gonna say, “But Sue, soap mixes with insoluble materials and separates it from the skin making the insoluble material, “dirt”, drain away with water.” That IS what you were gonna say right? I applaud you for you wealth of KNOWLEDGE about soap.

My next question would be, why can’t they make a soap that doesn’t BURN your eyes when you’re in the shower? There is nothing worse than being in the shower feelin’ all naked (Hopefully with a friend), when you go to wash your face. Just as you bring the Loofah (OR whatever), up to your eyes, a LITTLE bit of soap suds catches it. You IMMEDIATELY scream out in pain like a little girl who has just discovered she is having her first period, and yell out “MOMMMMMMY!!!”

  Now I know, they have Baby soap but then WHO wants to use baby soap. I want the REAL DEAL. Soap that gets in there, dissolves all that gooey, greasy, and grimy “STUFF” and then washes it down the drain. I’m NOT implying that I have Greasy, Gooey, or Grimy stuff on MY body, I’m just ah using it as an example, Yeah…That’s the ticket…An example.

Come on someone, get out there and INVENT this product. I will be GLAD to market it (For a large small fee), and get it to the stores as soon as possible. I’m counting on you now…

Until Later…




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