What If


Yesterday I posted this fun little interactive survey and everyone has given me some GREAT answers to these questions…Thank you. As promised, I am now going to give you my answers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed yours.


1.  What if: the sky really WAS falling?

 I would find Chicken Little, apologize for not believing him the first time and give him a high five. Then, I would well…Probably DIE,,,After all, the F**KING SKY is falling.

2.  What if: Pigs really COULD fly?

Seriously??? I would have to find an EXTREMELY well made umbrella to divert all the dropping Pig S**T from the already fallen sky.

3.  What if: Justin Bieber really COULD sing?

Well, I would say that we will be seeing everyone making SNOWMEN and ICE SKATING in HELL!!!

4.  What if: clothes were OPTIONAL in our Society?

Finally…I get to see me some FINE MALE/FEMALE ASS and some great looking TITS and HONKERS…Seriously, WHEN is this day coming???

5.  What if: there were never any Hangovers?

Are you KIDDING me, I would be drunk ALL the time…Oh WAIT…I already AM…Well, at LEAST I wouldn’t have any HANGOVERS…:)

6.  What if: Mary Poppins was a REAL Nanny?

I’d have her watch all my ILLEGITIMATE KIDS. Oh and have parties on the ceiling with Ed Wynn…

7.  What if: You won 200 million dollars in the lottery, what would you spend our money on?

CHARITY…Yeah RIGHT…I would blow it all on fast cars, Men/Women and Booze…Okay, maybe give a little to the Rainbow coalition…Nah…Definitely fast cars, men. women and booze.

8.  What if: You had a Genie, what would be your three wishes?

** See Number 7**

9.  What if: You had the answer to the question, What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

I would be a goddess and rule all those who Didn’t KNOW…Plus…I’d probably be the richest chicken farming BITCH in all the world.

10. What if: The Green Lantern fought Wonder Woman, who would win and WHY?

Is there REALLY any DOUBT??? Wonder Woman has TITS….Green Lantern is MALE…DUH???

11. What if: There was a GOOD reason for writing this drivel, what would it be?

Making new friends, playing with the old ones, and generally just having a great time. 🙂 Thanks for playing…

Until Later…

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