18 thoughts on “Giggle Time–Winter Weather

      • First of all, thanks for asking. The Dr. tells me that the reason why I’m still walking with a cane is because I have developed severe arthritis in my ankle, Grrrrrrrrr… He says I will probably be cane bound for the rest of my life. Just when I thought I had a career with dancing with the stars too. He claims that the only this that will help with the pain are cortisone injections. YUCK…

        On a brighter note, I have met someone who I really like. Keep your fingers crossed for me Becca.

        How is your Hubby doing on the job search? I hope he gets something very soon. You and the family are on my mind a lot. I hope things work out for you.


      • I am sorry to hear that. Shots are bad but the arthritis, I am so sorry honey. I know that isn’t easy. Stupid earthquakes.

        As for the someone… How very exciting. I am happy for you. I know how nice that can be.

        He is still looking. No news as of yet. Thanks for asking.



  1. Us Midwest people were blasted with 2 inches of snow, then 24 hours of Monsoon, and now on top of that another 12 inches of snow. If I didn’t hate bugs the size of my head and rednecks, I would move south. Congrats on the new “friend”. I read Becca’s and your comment. My wife got the cortisone injections in her knee, she is much better now.


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