Groundhog Day Thoughts


In observance of Groundhog Day, I thought I would shed some general thoughts I’ve been having about the day AND other thoughts that have stumbled into my head.

First of all the good news for all you Punxsutawney Phil followers, he/she emerged from his/her cave/borough (CAGE), and did NOT see his/her all important shadow. What this MEANS is, he/she HAS NO SHADOW…No, that’s not right; we ALL have shadows, (Except Peter Pan who LOST his shadow and then it had to be found and sewed back on), it means that we will have an early Spring.

Amazing isn’t it how this small groundhog (which it is really neither a piece of ground OR a hog…DISCUSS), is THE Prognosticator of weather in America. The organizers of this festival in Punxsutawney Pa. swear that Phil is right between 90-95% of the time. Meteorologists on the other hand indicate that he/she is really only averaging a 39% accuracy rate.

Hey, I’m not making this stuff up, check the ALL KNOWING Wikipedia. Here’s a thought, why don’t we just let the METEOROLOGISTS predict the weather instead of an animal which lives in a FREAKIN’ HOLE??? Just sayin’.

Okay, of course the ANSWER to this question is because if we DID, there would be no FESTIVAL. There would BE no Hoopin’ and Hollerin’, or drinkin’ beer all day until we puke. There would BE no skits and folks speaking Pennsylvania Dutch all day. It’s true. People who speak English have to put money in a bowl for every English word spoken. It’s no freakin’ WONDER that Pennsylvania is such a prosperous State. It’s because of all the money collected from the BOWL people.

Hell, I think EVERY State should have some kind of festival. It doesn’t matter for WHAT, It could be for ANY STUPID/ASININE reason where people would have to put money in a bowl for some unknown reason. Our Country would be FREAKIN’ RICH. If you get down on your luck, just ask your State for some money from the BOWL. What do you think??? I LOVE that idea.

Okay, I’ve rambled on enough now so I’ll quit while I’m ahead…I AM ahead right? Talk to you all later…Happy Groundhogs’ Day.

Until Later…

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