Road Rage Thoughts


I need a show of hands, how many of you have encountered road rage? Let me be clear, it could be either YOU were the RAGE-ER or the Rage-E or, you have seen others who were in this situation. WOW!!! Most of you have I see.

I must admit, being of Irish descent I not only have a tendency to drink a little too much now and then, (OK…everyday but who’s counting), I also have a WEE bit of a temper. I realize that you probably can’t BELIEVE that but it’s TRUE, DAMMIT.

Anyway, where was I, oh yeah, road rage. So here we are in our OWN cars driving along peacefully, when out of NOWHERE, someone steps on the gas, pulls right in front of us and CUTS US OFF…Doesn’t that just FROST YOUR KIDNEYS? TRANSLATION: Really piss the lovin’ BEJESUS out of ya. Yes I KNOW that the previous sentence is fragmented so SUE ME…

If you’re anything like ME, you lay on the horn till you practically go deaf, and SHOUT out SEVERAL well-chosen obscenities. You HAVE to SHOUT them because you’re practically deaf now from your horn blowing and you want to make sure you can hear the CURSE words you’re SPEWING.

Now, you have a sore THROAT in ADDITION to your deafness. It just isn’t WORTH all the aggravation. I suggest INSTEAD of doing these things, we make FLIP cards with some well-chosen words on them. When someone does something that pisses you off, you merely FLIP the card to the appropriate obscenity.

Example: Someone Tailgates you, THEN passes you and immediately slows down to where YOU now have to break.  Pull out your Flip Cards and just flip your ASSHOLE card and show it to him/her in the window. MY favorite flip card is: WHERE DID YOU FIND YOUR LICENSE DICKWEED, IN A DUMPSTER??? Or perhaps you could use: SMITH AND WESTON ON BOARD. This always seems to work well.

I have MANY MORE ideas about this but I will save them for another Blog.  Now, get out there and just FLIP till your little heart’s content.

Until Later…


16 thoughts on “Road Rage Thoughts

  1. Yes, the world is full of assholes, and usually you can find them on the road. The road is like a litmus strip for assholes. I had my own encounter with road rage back in 2009. Additionally, I had an incident yesterday with some lady in a minivan of all things, who wouldn’t let me merge as my lane ended and insisted on tail-gating the bastard in front of her so I couldn’t get in. No, I didn’t follow her home and take a dump on her lawn, but man I was pissed.


  2. So, is it wrong that if someone is tailgating me I stop in the middle of the road, jump out of the car then go running at them screaming how I am going to rip off their head and crap down their throat while fornicating simultaneously with their wife and mother? Interesting.


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