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Seeing how next week is Valentine’s Day, I thought I would focus on a special letter I received about Valentine’s Day Relationships.


Dear Sooz:

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Like every Valentine’s Day, I sit at home, watch TV and then go to bed. I have been trying for years to get myself a sweetheart who cares about me, but to date, nothing. I am not an ugly girl, nor do I have a shy personality.

Don’t get me wrong, I go out on dates but have just never connected with a fella in that way. I so desperately want to have a relationship and have someone who truly cares for me. I want and need someone who I can call My Valentine. What can I do?

Valentine-less Violet


Dear Valentine-less:

I hear ya honey. I have my share of men but ALSO have no one I can call My Valentine. I just call them my Love Shack-ups. Still, I too would like to have that special someone who I can call My Valentine. Someone who whispers they love me; tell me that they worship the ground I walk on, rub my feet at night and hold me close. God, now I’M depressed.

As I see it, we BOTH just need to get out there more and try and formulate a lasting relationship. In MY case, I can do that by being more of a HOE. For YOU, I would recommend having a girlfriend set you up with someone she KNOWS is a warm and caring guy who is ALSO looking.

In the meantime, why not try and spread a little Valentine’s Day Love to others. No…I’m NOT saying go out and stand on the street corner and yell out to strangers as they go by, “Hey there sailor, wanna take a ride?” I mean visit a nursing home and spread some love around to those who are lonely and have NO ONE, or perhaps offer to work at a soup kitchen and help feed the homeless.

I may just take some of my OWN advice and do just that. I wish you much success and I pray that next year you have someone you can call “My Valentine.”

Until Later…





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