Carnivals, Fairs and the Circus Oh Boy



I’m sitting here trying to think of what to write when my mind started to wander and took me back into my childhood. My thoughts ran back to when I would go to the Circus and hence the Blog.

Growing up, it seems like there was always a fair or carnival around the area. I have ALWAYS been a fair junkie but I loved it when the Circus came to town.

The excitements of the big top, seeing all the animal acts, but the folks on the flying trapeze were always my favorite. It was so exciting to see all these men and women flying through the air with such grace and ease. I could never for the life of me understand how these folks could do this without working with a net. You had to have like ZERO fear or at least REALLY BIG BALLS to do something this dangerous.

I also used to love the Freak show acts like The Fat Lady, Sword Swallower, Fire Eater, Tallest Man in the world, and the guy who would hammer nails and spikes up his nose. I never could understand WHY the HELL he would do this. I often wondered if he had serious post nasal drip problems afterwards.

Then we have all the games. These were ABSOLUTELY my favorite things to do at the Circus. I have always been competitive and I remember spending ALL the money I earned wasting it on the games. I used to throw balls at bottles trying to knock them down, played the water balloon game where you have to shoot water into a clown’s mouth until you filled up the balloon and it popped. I would spend MOST of my money however trying to climb up these ropes that were spread out until you could ring the bell at the top.

This game always pissed me off. The Carny guy would get on the ropes and effortlessly climb them, ring the bell, and would say, “See how EASY it is folks?” It surely DID look easy so I tried it. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…I tried it again, BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ… I MUST have tried this 15 times only to fail each time. My father would say, “Sooz, why don’t you try something else?” I on the other hand would be unyielding and soon my money was gone with NO HUGE BEAR.

To THIS day I have STILL never been able to accomplish this stupid and asinine game. I have placed it on my Bucket List people; I am GOING to one day BEAT this game. What’s YOUR favorite part about the Circus? Let me know, I would love to know more about you.

Until Later…

9 thoughts on “Carnivals, Fairs and the Circus Oh Boy

  1. Never saw that game at the circus, or carnival. My favorite part of the circus was the lion tamer. I always hoped he’d get eaten, but had no such luck. Dang it. My favorite part of the carnival was the milk bottle game. I always “accidentally” pegged the carny running it. Whoops.


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