Fun Facts About Men and Women


  • Men FART…Women release odorless gas…Yeah that’s RIGHT…We DO…
  • Men give short and to the point responses…Women LIKE to talk. And talk…And TALK…
  • If a friend buys a new car, a Man will ask, “What kind did you get?” A Woman will ask, “What color is it?”
  • The majority of Women will change clothes and get NAKED in front of other women…Men will NEVER do that with other men (Unless of course it’s for sex).
  • Men take a S**T…Women release Nitrogenous Waste. (Look it up) J
  • Women keep Diaries…Men keep LITTLE BLACK BOOKS.
  • Women will dress up for ANY occasion…The Opera, the Bakery, Grocery
  • Shopping etc. We don’t NEED a reason. Men NEED a reason.
  • Men prefer LOOKING at Porn…Women much prefer READING about it. It’s TRUE…I’m reading one NOW.
  • Women’s Menopausal symptoms: Hot Flashes, Dry Vagina, Irritability, disinterested in sex etc. Men’s Menopausal symptoms: A flashy car, designer clothes, HUMPS anything he can find, grows beard or goatee, starts talking with a French accent…WTF????
  • Okay, this one I found: “If you tell a Woman you just returned from a trip to Moon, she will ask you “whom did you go with…?” Tell this to a Man, he will ask you…”Dude, do women wear clothes there…?”

I hoped you enjoyed these as I had a fun time writing about them.

Until Later…




9 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Men and Women

  1. lol. Cool, but the farting one is not true. I dated a woman that released silenet, yet extremely deadly ones. That flatulence should have been against the Geneva Conventions! It was already against the US Constitution: cruel and unusual punishment.


  2. I can attest to the gas thing. I had a lady friend once, I shall call her Stinkerella. She dutch oven-ed me until my dinner came up. Oh. My. Word. I had to burn my clothing. It was truly that bad. Even after washing it. Yeah. I have never been able to create a stench that bad, I feel quite inadequate about that now. 😦


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