10 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards



1.  Be my Valentine…Hey, what ELSE ya GOT?

2.  Just wanted to say I Love YOU on Valentine’s Day…The OTHER 364 days I’m busy loving OTHER people.

3.  Would you be my Valentine? Everyone ELSE refused.

4.  Thanks for being my Valentine…Okay, here’s the 250.00 bucks, now, let’s get naked.

5.  I was GOING to get you candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day but the DOG ate them. It’s the THOUGHT that counts RIGHT? Now… get NAKED.

6.  Valentine’s Day is like my Period Fred, Red and usually MADE UP.

7.  On Valentine’s Day, a poem:  Rose are red, Violets are blue, Okay we’ve covered the flowers and the color wheel…NOW can we have sex???

8.  You are sweet like candy and pretty as a rose…How am I doing SO far? Any chance for SEX???

9.  In order to go to bed with me on Valentine’s Day you need 3 things: Flowers, Candy, and 250.00 bucks.

10. When you said “Be mine” did you mean EXCLUSIVELY or just for tonight?

Until Later…

Happy Valentine’s Day




8 thoughts on “10 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

  1. So sweet. I actually told a lady(who may have been a little older than me at the time) I charged a little something something for a “date”. Afterwards she tried to pay me, I told her thanks, but no thanks, her tearing my ass up was payment enough, and could we do this again when I can feel my legs? Ahhhh, all that studying and learning from a true master. 😀 After that, the younger ladies got the benefits of my instruction. “Is that you Mrs. Robinson….?” heh heh heh


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