Redheads REALLY Have More Fun


You know the old saying that says, “Blonds Have More Fun”, that may be TRUE but Redheads have to run a close FIRST on that saying. I’ve been a Redhead all my life and I will tell you the truth, WE are DIFFERENT, EVERYBODY loves Redheads, ESPECIALLY if our genitals are ALSO Ginger.

Redheads are the underdog in today/s society with only between 1 to 2 % of the world’s population. Now, you KNOW what that means don’t you, we are an endangered species. That’s right folks, WE are very UNCOMMON. That makes us FREAKIN’ amazing.

People want to Date us, make Love to us, and even produce CHILDREN with us for OBVIOUS reasons, WE are considered PRICELESS. Now, in my Own defense of proving this hypothesis, I must admit that people are ALWAYS flocking over to meet me.

Yes, I am attractive and have a GINGER body ALL the way, but, I believe that the MAIN attraction is that people want to TRY and produce MORE of us.

I mean we DO have special powers. Just ask anyone, we are confident, sexy, intuitive, and also have the ability to read people’s minds. Okay, I LIED about the mind reading thingy but hey, why do you THINK they’re are only a few of us left?

People are jealous THAT’S why. They ALL want to be Redheads. Look at how many people color their hair as Yup, you guessed it…RED. You know why, they envy us. They WANNA be sexy and intuitive, HEY who DOESN’T??? I will go out on a limb here and say that Redheads are the sexiest women on the planet.

No, I DON’T have books and books of research on the subject, only conversations with OTHER Redheads like me. The result is ALWAYS the same, we are sought after and men/women want to have sex with us. Don’t get me WRONG, that’s OK, I’m just stating a hypothesis here.

So, get yourself a hair dying kit today, get the Redhead color and start having more fun today…SORRY BLONDS…

Until Later…


23 thoughts on “Redheads REALLY Have More Fun

  1. Is that your pic, Sooz? That would be awesome if it were.

    I ❤ redheads, Always have. I think that's why most of my female characters are reds. I saw a funny pic about redheads on facebook a few months ago: "You know how they say redheads have no soul? That's not true. We get a new freckle of each soul we steal." I love that concept.


  2. I’ve never fancied or dated a blonde. I’ve dated a few redhead but they were all nuts. I also have a theory that their faces age faster than brunettes (I’m not completely convinced on this one). I find women with dark hair most attractive but I prefer blue or green eyes. I guess I’m just too hard to please. I like your photo, though. 😉


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