A Remembrance


Today I am a little melancholy…No, Sad. Today, when I was a young child, my father who was my WORLD, my LIFE, took his own life while I was there. We were watching TV when he said he was going out to the garage to get something. I was alone with the TV as my mother was out shopping when I heard that fateful sound.

I heard that fatal gunshot blast coming from the garage, a shot that changed not only HIS life, but MINE and my MOTHER’S forever. I was his little girl, his princess, HOW could he LEAVE me like that?

Obviously I was in a panic, I ran next door to the neighbors and explained what happened. They called 911 who responded and helped to pick up the broken pieces of my life.

I was DEVASTATED, alone, and completely in shock as to just what happened. I was comforted by our neighbors, and when my mother arrived home, she was a broken woman.

She loved my dad with all her heart and it changed her forever. After the funeral, she took up drinking heavily to cope with the pain she was feeling. She was drunk most of the time afterwards, and if it hadn’t been for the loving care of my Aunt Carol, I may not have turned out the way I have today.

I HONOR both my father and my mother today in this blog, and I HOPE people can understand that there is MORE than sadness that rules our world. My parents always brought me up with good values and those are the things in life that I have focused on.

I have been through MANY personal struggles in this life, BUT, I believe that what has happened has MADE me a STRONGER person. I thank God for His/Her guidance, and I encourage those who have been in tougher situations to HOLD the LINE…It WILL come together…

God Bless…





10 thoughts on “A Remembrance

  1. Sue–Wow. What a story. I have lost multiple friends and love ones in the last year, I have never before experienced the likes of this in such a short time. Then I read this and realize I have been through nothing. I certainly gives me a deeper appreciation for you–and for my own life. Again, wow.


  2. Go you for keeping on, keeping your sense of self, and having strength to both live your life and honor your parents.
    If there’s anything I can do for you to make the day easier, let me know.


  3. Wow. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I feel some of your pain, but not even close to the level you do. In a couple months is the anniversary of my childhood idol’s suicide. I found him. I was 12.

    You are an amazing woman for carrying on, and being so strong. I salute you.


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