Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I have been dating a wonderful man now for 3 months. He is fun, funny, and really knows how to treat a woman. So, what is the problem you’re asking? In 3 months time the guy has never even attempted to kiss me.

We have held hands at the movies and he is very romantic but the intimacy of that first kiss has yet to happen. Should I say something to him, just take the lead and kiss him first, or just stay in the shadows until he is ready?

I like him and he likes me, I just don’t understand what the problem is here. Please give me some advice.

Lip lock-less


Dear Lip lock-less:

First of all, let me ask you, is this guy STRAIGHT? Honey…3 months is a bit ridiculous, HELL; the whole freakin’ WORLD was created in just 7 days, this guy is slow as Maple Sap flowing in January.

Try this, on your next date. Wear something VERY alluring. You know what I mean, show him the TWINS. Cook dinner for him at YOUR place. Put on some nice romantic music, place candles everywhere. Set the tone; let him KNOW you are going ALL out romantically.

Now, when dinner is over, take him by the hand and lead him to the bedroom couch. Sit him down and let him know how you feel about him. Lean in close to him, touch his balls shoulder and then let Nature take its course.

If Mr. “SHY” doesn’t kiss you THEN, I would take matters by the hand and kiss HIM. If all goes according to Hoyle, he should kiss you back. If he DOES, you should be good to go. If he DOESN’T, start looking for a new guy or buy a dog. Good Luck…


Dear Sooz:

My girlfriend and I have been together now for 6 years. She is the best thing in my life. The problem is, I am always the one who has to initiate our love making. Just for a change, I would like HER to take the lead and for ME to be the one who is seduced.

I love her but turnabout is fair play as the saying goes. Any thoughts on how I might make this happen?

Longing for Lust


Dear Longing:

HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO… TELL HER!!! She is NOT a freakin’ mind reader (Is she?); let her know how you feel about HER taking the lead once in a while. I’m sure if she loves you she will be happy to undress your pretty little ass and get the party started. Good Luck…




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