Just Ask Sooz—Baby/Toddler Edition


Dear Sooz:

I have a problem I need solved. I am 3 and my baby brother is 2. I love my brother, (Let’s call him Ryan ‘cause well, THAT’S his name), BUT, the kid just doesn’t know HOW to share.

Every time I go for my Lego’s, HE wants to play with them. The same is true for my cars, trucks as well as my Action figures. The kid is worse than a damn PUPPY.

Just ONCE I’d like to be able to get something out of the toy box WITHOUT him going after it also. Do you have any suggestions?

Tiny Tot in Toyland


Dear Tiny Tot:

This is a VERY common problem among siblings. I actually hear this complaint at LEAST once a week. I will tell YOU what I tell the rest of them. Be PATIENT, you brother just wants to be able to play WITH you. He admires you and looks up to his big brother.

He is just trying to be LIKE you. Let him play with you and your toys. ONE day when he is older, you can teach the little BASTARD a lesson by stealing EVERY girl he ever cares about. THAT’S what big brothers are for.

Oh…If he is STILL annoying after a period of time and becomes relentless, Lite into him and beat the livin’ Dejesus outta him. He will stop taking your toys THEN…GUARANTEED… Good luck…

10 thoughts on “Just Ask Sooz—Baby/Toddler Edition

  1. Or just deal with him the way some parents do with teething toddlers – spread some bourbon on his gums.
    Might not get him to stop. but he’ll be too uncoordinated to bother you.


  2. Meh. Just do what I did when my universe was invaded by my little bother…err I mean brother. Practice dangerous wrestling moves with him at a very young age. It works, trust me. Drop the Macho Man flying elbow once and your parents won’t allow him to play with you anymore…. 😉 you’ll get hollered at, you know something about “You could have killed him!” Like that matters….. heh heh heh


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